2017: Page 45

Page 45 has been a fairly routine day with the typical daily tasks and no unwelcomed surprises that I’m aware of.  The day began with the usual cleaning and building prep tasks before settling in to finish the prayer guide for next week.  I had already settled on the topic yesterday, so today was a matter of spending time in prayer as I listened for direction in the daily points and how to guide people in praying about them.  The prayer guide that will be published on Sunday for next week is about being pure.  If purity is talked about at all in Christian circles, it is most often focused on sexual purity.  While that is an important aspect of being pure, in many ways our purity, or lack of it, in that area is often a reflection of how we’re doing at seeking the pure things of God in the totality of our life.  

When God gave the instructions for building the tabernacle to the people of Israel, it is fascinating to me how often the word pure is used to describe the required elements.  It wasn’t enough to fashion various items out of gold — it needed to be pure gold.  It wasn’t suitable to call for incense to be burnt before the altar of the Lord — it needed to be pure incense.  God’s holiness calls for our purity before Him.  When we seek wisdom, God desires to give us wisdom that is pure.  When we give our offerings to God, He expects them to be pure.  When God examines our heart, He desires to find a heart that is pure.  When we face times of difficulty and trial, God wants our joy to be pure.  When our relationship with God is put into the package of religion, God wants our treatment of others to show that our religion is pure.  When we have the need to grow and mature in Christ, God’s desire is that we would long for the pure spiritual milk of His Word.

Once the prayer guide was complete, it was time to format it for both the Impact Prayer Ministry weekly email and website then schedule them to be published on Sunday.  As I worked throughout the morning, a variety of birds showed up outside my window to enjoy the beauty of the day and the food supply that exists in the woods.  Today’s photo is of one of those visitors as she checks out an existing hole in a tree trunk to see if there might be a quick snack lurking inside.  

By mid-afternoon, my workday was over and it was time to get some lunch and head home.  It was a beautiful weather day so before the afternoon was completely gone, I headed to Potato Creek with my family for a walk and to take some photos.  At the end of our walk we could hear the eagles calling to one another in a very animated conversation.  From where we were, we were looking directly into the sun trying to find the source of the sound.  Since that wasn’t going to work out too well, we drove around to a trail that would be on the other side of where the sound was coming from.  As we walked down the trail, the eagles were still carrying on their conversation and we soon reached a point where we could see four eagles, two adults and two juveniles, perched in the trees along the shoreline.  They were beautiful to see and hear and I was able to catch a few photos of the adults while the young ones flew off and out of sight.  By then, the sun was setting so we headed home and enjoyed a relaxed evening.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes it is easy to become tunnel-visioned in our view of what God desires when His view is much larger than what we can see.
  • Being pure isn’t simply about avoiding certain thoughts or acts, it means we must fill our thoughts and actions with that which God views as pure.
  • God’s insistence on using pure materials in the building of His dwelling, the tabernacle, continues to be reflected in His desire that we be pure material for the dwelling of His Spirit within us.
  • When it is difficult to see, sometimes we need to move to where we have a clearer perspective.
  • In a society that seems to have gone mad, it is good to be able to simply relax knowing that God’s presence is bigger than the issues which have everyone angry.


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