2017: Page 39

It was helpful to have another night of decent sleep to lead into page 39 as it will be one of my long workdays.  After being nearly sixty degrees yesterday, heading into work with the temperature in the twenties was quite a change.  I don’t know what most people notice if they are the first one to enter a building for the day, but I suppose the things I notice are influenced by my role in caring for the building.  As I approach the building, the first thing  I notice, or hope I notice, is an indication that the alarm system is armed.  Once in the building, the first thing I noticed today, and far too often lately, is the light coming down the hallway from the bathroom lights which were left on all night.  On the occasions when there hasn’t been lights left on all night, the first thing I notice once in the building is the warmth.  I suppose I notice that quicker than most because if I don’t notice it, then there are problems that need addressed.  As the heating system ages, I experience a sense of relief every time I walk in the door and notice the heat is functioning.

My morning included the daily routines of cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, and taking out trash.  While these are very good times to pray and listen to God, sometimes I get drawn into an “autopilot” mode because of the routine nature of these tasks and find that I don’t spend these times with God as I ought.  Today my mind was probably still focused on the lights that were left on, but I was mid-way through the morning cleaning when I found myself singing, “Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee.  How great Thou art, how great Thou art.”  Even when I had allowed my mind to be distracted for a time, my soul found a way to worship God as I went about my work.  And with my soul focused on worship, my mind soon followed.

Once the morning prep was done, I began work on some display banners to use as the backdrop when I set up the Impact Prayer Ministry display at conventions, conferences, and other locations that God gives the opportunity.  As God continues to give me writing assignments, keeping the entire look of the display fresh and current can be an ever-changing process.  I eventually settled on a series of three vertical banners which will use a single photo split across them with each banner focused on a different aspect of the preaching, teaching, and resource development focus of the prayer ministry.

After putting in an eight hour day, I headed to lunch and then back down to Potato Creek for a waist management hike.  As I made my way to the park, it began to snow rather steadily and it continued through most of my hike.  While I didn’t see the eagles today, their were plenty of songbirds as well as a muskrat and a few squirrels that were out enjoying the snowy day.  As I hiked, I kept looking diligently through the treetops looking for any sign of an owl.  While I didn’t see any owls, I did find a squirrel perched high up on a tree branch munching on a walnut while using his tail to shield his body from the falling snow.  While some of the wildlife may have gone into hiding to avoid the snow, this little guy wasn’t going to let a little snow keep him from enjoying a meal.

After my hike, it was back to work for round two today as I took out trash and did some minor prep before the mid-week Bible study classes.  Then it was time to write today’s page as I wait for the building to clear out so I can get the cleaning done so the building is ready for tomorrow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • We tend to notice things that are important to us.  
  • We will find ourselves noticing spiritual things more often when we make them a more important part of our life on a daily basis.
  • What we notice because it is important to us may not be noticed by others because it is not important to them — for many things, that is okay.
  • If spiritual things remain important to us, we ought to find our soul crying out to God even when we become distracted by the routines of life.
  • The message of the gospel is unchanging even as we use fresh and current methods to communicate it.
  • It is easy to find excuses for not doing what we ought to do but it is extremely rewarding to push aside those excuses and do what is good and right.


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