2017: Page 38

Page 38 began after finally getting a decent night’s sleep for the most part.  Now if I can get a few more of those, I might start feeling rested again after several nights in a row of Susan’s restlessness which made sleep in short supply for all of us.  While not eager to wake up when the alarm went off this morning, at least it wasn’t painful to do so as it has been on previous mornings.  As I got to work, I set about taking care of the cleaning and building prep tasks that need done each day.  Rain had moved in overnight and continued throughout the day, so while night did eventually turn into day, there was not a visible sunrise to photograph this morning.  

After the building was ready, most of the morning was spent taking care of the record-keeping for the church missions ministry.  As I worked, I got word that there was a leak around one of the skylights in the gym.  I took it as a sign that spring was approaching, as each year the freeze and thaw cycle creates a leak in at least one of the skylights.  With rain all day, there was nothing I could do on a wet, sloped metal roof, so a bucket goes under the leak until a dry day shows up with above freezing temperatures.  

When the accounting work was done, I could change hats and turn my attention to some prayer ministry correspondence.  Part of that correspondence dealt with some questions about my teaching some workshops later this year.  While part of the group’s desire is for some workshops on developing a lifestyle of prayer, there were questions about a potential subject that I called, “Tell Your Story, Give God the Credit”.  This title came to me nearly three years ago shortly after my first poetic devotional book was published.  People were consistently asking me about the book and specifically about the poems God had given me to write.  Because the poems would just show up in my mind, I never felt good about taking the credit for them.  So, I would use the opportunities afforded by the questions to tell my story and give God the credit.  I believe all of us have a story to tell about where we are currently at in our life and if we have been paying attention, we can tell that story in a way that God receives the credit.

During one of the time periods when the rain intensity slowed down, a pair of cardinals showed up outside my office window to enjoy a snack of berries.  Today’s photo is of the male cardinal with a firm grasp on a pair of twigs while he was actually singing quite beautifully.  I love the beauty of the cardinals as they spend time in the brush outside my window, but I also love the songs of the cardinals as they fly about making a joyful noise.  It made me wonder about my daily activity and the daily activity of so many others.  Social media gives us a variety of platforms on which we can easily make our views known — make a sound, if you will.  The question should be asked, “Is the ‘sound’ I’m making on social media a joyful noise, or just a noise?”  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Issues or problems that develop over time are rarely resolved overnight.  They took time to develop, they will usually take time to be resolved.
  • Knowing there is no easy fix shouldn’t keep us from making progress forward when we have the opportunity.
  • Sometimes tasks need taken care of right away and other times we have to accept that sometimes nothing can be done right away to problem that look urgent.
  • Wherever you are in life right now is a story that has some element of God working in a way that He should receive the credit.
  • If you use social media, every like, share, comment, and post is noticed by someone.  Do they hear a joyful noise through your online presence, or just a noise?


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