2017: Page 32

Page 32 began with the usual cleaning and building prep, but as I was cleaning, what could best be described as snow pellets began falling from the sky.  While not a significant accumulation, they had enough substance to them to make the sidewalks slippery as they were walked on, so I took a break from the cleaning to spread some ice melt.  Once the inside and outside work had been done to get the building ready for the day, I checked on the boiler system and then settled in to work on a sermon to share at the North Wayne Mennonite Church on Sunday.  As I spent time with God in His Word working on the sermon, the repair tech showed up with the rebuilt pump he had taken off the system on Monday.  This called for a break in my sermon prep as I shifted to my maintenance responsibilities as this rebuilt pump was installed and the second one that was leaking was taken off to have it rebuilt as well.

After the service work was done as much as it could be today, I returned to the sermon prep.  As I preach once a month in Dowagiac, Michigan, I continue to work on a sermon series which I’ve titled, “Living As the Lord’s Servant”.  Each message in the series looks at some characteristics of a person from the Bible that is described as the Lord’s servant.  The objective is to understand some common characteristics that we would do well to cultivate in our life so that we can live as the Lord’s servant.  In this next sermon I will be looking at some characteristics that God wanted Joshua to have so that he could be “strong and courageous” in leading the people of Israel under God’s command.

By mid-afternoon it was time to give my mind and body a break, so after a quick lunch I headed down to Potato Creek to take some photos and do some walking.  Today’s photo shares a glimpse of the beauty that I was surrounded with during my 4+ mile walk.  While the wind was a little brisk yet today, the sun was a welcome visitor after being hidden from sight for so long.  After my walk I headed back to work where I took out trash and made sure the building was ready for our Wednesday evening Bible classes.  Once the building clears out after the classes, I will do the cleaning and prep for tomorrow before calling it a day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I often start the day with a plan but I try to remain flexible in it as I allow the Lord to direct my steps.
  • Every time I see a Christian friend of mine like or share a social media post that deliberately mocks a person, I cringe.  If my wrist-worn activity tracker could track “cringing”, I think most days the count would be higher than my step count — that is a sad commentary on what Christians think are acceptable ways to treat people that they likely don’t even know.
  • When preparing a sermon on living as the Lord’s servant, actually serving has almost as much to do with the preparation as the Bible study and prayer time.
  • When God repeats the command to be strong and courageous multiple times in the first chapter of Joshua, I have to suspect that either these weren’t natural characteristics for Joshua and the people of Israel or that their strength and courage were about to be tested . . . or some combination of the two.
  • A little light can be a very welcome sight after a period of darkness.  “Let your light so shine that people will see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”


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