2016: Page 334

Page 334 was a welcome relief from the cold, rainy weather of the past few days.  The stars were shining brightly in the clear night sky as I headed into work this morning.  As the amount of daylight continues to shrink each day, it was still dark when I finished the morning cleaning and building prep.  As I worked in my office on some writing projects and my lesson for tomorrow evening’s children’s class, the sun finally made its way over the horizon to brighten the day.  Eventually, a variety of birds showed up to enjoy the buffet remaining in the trees and brush outside my office window.  Today’s photo is of a cedar waxwing who was one of the numerous visitors I had through the late morning and into the afternoon.  

I had intended to participate in the “Giving Tuesday” hoopla by once again making the Kindle editions of the books I have written free for the day.  Unfortunately, I discovered that process need to be set up at least a day in advance.  In the process, I found that I could set up a fundraising page on Facebook that would have the first one thousand dollars given matched by the Gates Foundation in honor of Giving Tuesday.  So, I set up the page, https://www.facebook.com/donate/10210173709674636/, which will be open through December 13 for donations to the Impact Prayer Ministry Resource Fund.  These donations will be used to have more books printed to put into the hands of camp leaders and Christian ministries at some upcoming conferences I will be attending.  Once that was set up, I completed the process to make the Kindle editions of my books available for free over the next two days.  So, Giving Tuesday will now become Giving Wednesday and Thursday done the Impact Prayer Ministry way!  

Once I had those tasks completed, the rest of the afternoon was spent writing a newsletter that will be emailed out just before midnight tonight letting my subscribers know about the free Kindle books from Impact Prayer Ministry.  Yes, the prayer ministry relies on the gifts of others in order to make prayer-based resources available to anyone who will use them, but I don’t feel right calling a day “Giving Tuesday” if all I’m doing is asking people to give to my work — for it to really be “Giving Tuesday”, I need to be giving as well.  So, if you are reading this page on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 or Thursday, December 1, 2016, feel free to head over to Amazon and search for author Tom Lemler in Kindle books and you should find each of my eight books available for free.  You can also go to my Amazon author page at https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Lemler/e/B00KEQ0Z6O/ to find the listing of each of my books.  The good news is that if you’re not reading this page on one of those two days, the Kindle editions of my books are regularly priced at only 99 cents.

By late afternoon, my “Giving Wednesday and Thursday” email was finished and scheduled to send out so I packed up my things and headed to lunch on my way home.  As I reflect on the day, the image in my mind of all the birds showing up for a morning buffet made me think of God’s care and provision for each of us, and specifically for  me.  When I schedule prayer ministry displays at conventions and conferences, it is usually so far in advance that I don’t have the resources in hand that will actually be needed for the display.  I spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction for where I ought to be and then I trust Him to provide the money and books necessary to accomplish His purpose for my being at the convention or conference.  While I never seem to have excess, I always seem to have enough.  Occasionally, such as today, I make the need known, but even in doing that I try to do so in a way that simply asks people to consider what God would have them do.

I pray that you and I would look for the brightness of God’s presence to be revealed in the times we feel surrounded by darkness and gloom.  I pray that we would learn to be generous with all that God has given us.  I pray that our words and actions of generosity would be such that they focus on the needs of others rather than our own.  I pray that we would understand how much God loves us as we consider the way He cares and provides for our needs.  I pray that we would trust God to provide what we need to accomplish the work He has called us to do.  I pray that we would seek wisdom from God to know how He would have us to help others accomplish their work for Him.  


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