2016: Page 324

Page 324 was a lot like page 323 only longer.  Even with a late night yesterday, I made it up in time for breakfast once again.  With the craziness of the conference schedule, it sure has been nice to start the day with a big breakfast each morning.  Once I made it to the convention center, the day seemed to have a slow start to it.  I suppose fewer people were eager to get up early on a Saturday morning.  By mid-morning, however, a steady stream of people began coming by the display — some to pick up books and resources and some to let me know they had begun reading what they had already picked up and were overwhelmed with gratitude that I was willing to share what God has given me.

Shortly after noon I ran out of copies of two of the titles I had brought with me with low supplies on three other titles.  By early evening the low supplies were gone and I only had copies of three titles remaining.  Several people who had stopped and looked at the books earlier in the conference came back by wanting a specific book or two only to find that they were gone.  I had planned on leaving the display up until after the morning session on Sunday, but as the day came to a close nearly everyone around me had taken down their display.  Even with that, I condensed my display into half of my area and thought I would head back to the hotel and call it a night.  As I calculated how many of my plastic storage tubs I could take back to the truck tonight, the facilities people began coming in and started taking down overhead signs and pulling electric outlets to get ready to turn over the hall into whatever is next.  I decided it would be easier for them if my stuff wasn’t an island they had to work around, so I packed up the rest of my display and hauled it out to the truck to finish up the day.

As I made sure I had everything, I stacked all of the empty boxes on one of the tables.  Each of these boxes had been filled with books when the conference began and now there were no books to put back in them.  I currently have eight different books I have written and between all eight titles, I brought one thousand books with me.  As I packed up the display and did a very quick inventory, I had just 50 books left that are going back home!  I don’t have to think about that very long before I am completely astounded at the work of God through this gift of writing.  And as I would tell people throughout the entire conference, the writing of the books all began with a single poem that God put in my mind not even three years ago!  I continually stand amazed at the gifting of God that He continues to increase in proportion to my faithfulness in using it.  I don’t believe we typically consider the scope of what God could do through us if we would only share what He has already given.

I pray that you and I would pay attention to the opportunities that God puts in front of us and respond in a timely fashion so that the opportunity does not slip by.  I pray that we would pay attention to the needs of others and look out for their interests above our own.  I pray that we would recognize God’s gifting in our life, even when we don’t fully understand His purpose for giving it to us.  I pray that we would be faithful in the things we consider little so that He can increase it to His glory. 


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