2016: Page 323

Page 323 has been a long and busy day as I’ve talked with people about prayer ministry and shared a lot of books and resources with them.  In fact, if tomorrow has the same interest in the resources, I will be out of the books I brought with me before the conference ends!  Today was a great encouragement and affirmation of what I do with Impact Prayer Ministry and helped me to process some interaction from yesterday.  I had an individual pray with me and tell me they had a sense that I didn’t feel like I belonged there.  It was an interesting encounter because I often don’t feel like I belong anywhere.  And then today happened.  Today was a steady stream of people, often with tears in their eyes, telling me how glad they were that I was there and that they  had stopped to see what I had.  Some of them had picked up books yesterday and had begun to go through them last night.  They said they were so moved by what they found that they just had to come and thank me for being there and for giving books away.  Others would leaf through the books and tear up when I said that they were all free and they could take whatever they would use.  I’m not sure I’ve ever made so many people cry all in one day — but these were all tears of joy.

The most common question of the day is some form of, “How can you give books away?”.  My answer in all sincerity was always that they were God’s gift to me and early on in the writing process, God’s Spirit caused within me a conviction that I was to share them as freely as He has given them.  The missions support that Impact Prayer Ministry receives from Deer Run and a number of individuals make them partners in supplying prayer-based resources to people who desire to grow in their connection to God through prayer.  All of my books have been written out of my prayer time and I share them with the hope and prayer that the encourage others as they use them in their prayer time.

As with most conferences such as this, the day was also filled with reconnecting with people that I know but often don’t see except at conventions and conferences.  It makes me imagine the reunion we will experience in heaven as we have opportunity to greet friends from far and near that we have not been able to see for one reason or another.  The joy of seeing that old friend and knowing they are okay will be great, but it will pale in comparison to the joy of seeing Jesus and knowing that it is finally completely well with our soul.

I pray that you and I would be faithful in doing what God calls us to do even when circumstances may make us feel we don’t belong.  I pray that we would find ways to encourage one another as we value the work God has given them to do.  I pray that we would rejoice with friends we have made throughout our lifetime.  I pray that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we look forward to that day when we will rejoice with Him in heaven.  


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