2016: Page 302

Page 302 has been a good day so far as I’ve packed a lot of variety into it.  The day began early with the morning cleaning and I’ve begun the writing of the page in the midst of the evening cleaning as I get the building ready for Sunday, so I anticipate it will be a long day before I’m done.  I’ve finished one end of the building and decided to sit down for a snack break before moving on to the other end.  I suspect that as I snack I will finish today’s written page and then go finish the cleaning and the actual doing of the page. 🙂

When I pulled into work this morning, their was a sliver of moon and a bright planet just above the tree line to the east of the building.  So, on my first trip out with trash I took my camera and attempted to catch a few photos of the nighttime beauty before the sun came up and chased it away.  By the time I finished the building prep for the day, the sun was crawling over the eastern horizon and there were half a dozen deer grazing in the morning mist at the back of the property.  The sun wasn’t up enough to get the best photos of them, but I did manage a few that I thought were okay.  My first task once the cleaning was done was to send my latest book files to CreateSpace to begin the process of making the book available on Amazon.  After that, much of my morning was spent doing inventory — counting and repacking books in preparation for the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) next month.  I had one title, out of what is now eight, in sufficient quantity for the conference so it was time to order books again.

By late afternoon, it was time for a lunch break so I headed down to Potato Creek to spend a little time before coming back for the evening.  It had been a long time since I had seen an eagle at the park so I was thrilled when I found a pair of them perched in a tree even though they were somewhat distant.  With a combination of zoom and cropping, I ended up with a few photos that I was pleased with even though they don’t have the clarity of some I have taken before when they were perched much closer.  In the United States, if there is one word that is most associated with the bald eagle, I would say it is freedom.  We love freedom.  We place great value on freedom.  Perhaps we even worship freedom to the point that we gloss over, or redefine, the teaching of Jesus regarding our need to serve others.  For the past day, there has been what I believe to be the opening of a poem that has taken up residence in my mind.  I keep thinking that more will come, but so far it is just a pair of rhyming lines.  As I saw the eagles and thought about our desire for freedom — often a freedom to exalt self — these lines returned to my mind:

“What do I want?”,
is a question we ask.
When we begin
almost any task.
But there is a problem,
I hope you would see.
When all of our actions
are focused on me.

The one person who has walked this earth and had every right to make it all about Him not only said, but set the example, that He did not come to be served but to serve.  We are never more like Christ than when we are serving those we would say don’t deserve it.  When we experience true freedom in Christ, it is not a freedom to do what we want but rather a freedom to serve others out of love rather than obligation.

I pray that you and I would experience the freedom that only Christ can give.  I  pray that we would use that freedom for the benefit of others above our own desires.  I pray that we would seek to be more like Christ each day that we live.


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