2016: Page 301

After a workday yesterday that began at 6:30 AM and didn’t finish until 10:30 PM, and another one like it expected tomorrow, page 301 has been a day of rest.  After posting yesterday’s page, I noticed that the “Tom’s Book of 2016” category on my blog only indicated there were 298 posts in that category.  Given that yesterday was page 300 and I knew I had written a bonus page or two, I decided I had either lost track of what day I was on as I numbered each page or I had failed to tag a few posts with the proper category designation.  I began by checking the numbering as that was the easiest to pull up  a list of post titles and see if they were in consecutive order.  I guess the good news is that the titles were all correct with no gap in the numbering so I didn’t have to go back and make corrections to what could have been a lot of titles.  Checking the titles also showed me that I had written an introduction page and one bonus page so the post count for this category should have been 302 instead of 298.  That meant that somewhere scattered through those 302 posts were four of them that I had not tagged with the proper category when I posted them.  

So, what began as checking the category listing on each post turned into starting at the beginning and reading the daily pages up until this point.  It was fun to go back and be reminded of the lessons of each day that ended up on the pages.  While I didn’t begin with the plan to include a photo each day, it was very early in the year when I realized how much the photos add to each page.  As I went through the pages, it was interesting to see how many of the things that were significant to write about were eventually used in ways that never crossed my mind on the day I wrote the page.  I also found the four untagged posts and was able to add them to the book of 2016 category.  I’m not sure what God will do with these daily posts in the future but, at least to me, it was an interesting read this morning.  

While I call the collection of these daily posts my “Book of 2016”, today found me needing to purchase additional ISBN numbers so I can finish the publishing of my next book that is not my “Book of 2016”.  These numbers identify each specific book and are needed by most sales channels, including Amazon, to be able to list the book.  It is the official identification number that is found on essentially every book that is published for any sales distribution channel.  When my first book was coming together early in 2014, I purchased a block of ten numbers because the cost was the same as buying two number individually.  I really didn’t think I would ever use all ten of them but my first book was published in both regular and large print editions so I needed two numbers.  Here I am, a little over two years later and all ten of those original numbers are in use on books I’ve written and I have another book ready to go which needs a number.  So, today I had another decision to make.  I could purchase another block of ten numbers, but with works currently in process, three of them already have “homes”.  The next step up is a block of one hundred ISBN numbers, which sounds like a ridiculous number to me.  Yet, with a special offer I received yesterday, the block of one hundred could be purchased for a little less than the costs of two blocks of ten numbers.  I can’t imagine using one hundred ISBN numbers but not that long ago I couldn’t imagine using ten of them.  But I do imagine using more than ten additional numbers so I went ahead and purchased the block of one hundred.  Now the fun part — seeing what God will give me to write and discovering how many of these numbers will end up being used. 🙂

Today’s photo is one I took a couple mornings ago and I include it today because it reminds me of the creativity and majesty of God.  I see His creativity in the beauty of nature and I see it in the work He has given me to do.  Our God is a God of both the big picture scenes and the smallest of details that are often overlooked.  Nothing escapes His notice and nothing is beyond His ability to use for His purposes and glory.  I write, not because I see myself as a writer, but because I am convinced God gives me the inspiration for words that He wants me to put into print.  The writing becomes more of an act of obedience than anything else and I attempt to share them as freely as possible because the words have been God’s gift to me.  

I pray that you and I would experience times of rest when we can draw into God’s presence and be reminded of how He has been working, and continues to work, in our lives.  I pray that we would recognize the goodness of God in doing far more than we can think or imagine when we put our trust in Him.  I pray that we would see no limits other than whatever limits God Himself would establish in our lives.  I pray that we would recognize the gifts God has given us and understand His desire that we would share as freely as we have received.


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