2016: Page 292

Page 292 found me at work by 6 AM to do the morning cleaning and get the building ready for the day.  Today’s photo is the view from my office window this morning that made me decide that today would be a good day to start getting things ready for cooler temperatures and the eventual arrival of winter.  Once the building was ready for the day, I spent some time making a mental list of the resources I would have on display at the International Conference on Missions next month so I could see what I needed to restock.  As I was working on that, I had a letter brought to me that had an interesting return address.  It seems to have been sent by, or on behalf of, a resident in a correctional facility in Florida.  I suppose the timing of it was interesting as I was working on ICOM material and even wondering if the investment I make in attending the conference and giving out resources really makes a difference.  The heart of the letter was a request for a 2017 daily Bible reading calendar.  As I looked at the quoted title, “Daily Bible Reading Calendar”, I realized there was only one way they would have requested that specific item from me at the Impact Prayer Ministry address.  Two years ago I had daily Bible reading calendars for 2015 imprinted with the Impact Prayer Ministry address and gave them out at the 2014 ICOM.  The title on the front was “Daily Bible Reading Calendar” and contained my contact info.  Somehow God took one of those calendars from my display in Columbus, Ohio and placed it in the hands of someone serving time in the Florida correctional system!  I did not buy any of the calendars last year and had not planned on doing so this year as I wasn’t sure the expense was worth it.  Needless to say, today’s letter changed my mind and I went online and ordered the calendars for 2017 so I will have them for ICOM and be able to send one to Florida to fulfill this person’s request.

After ordering the calendars, I headed out to mow.  It’s the time of year where each time I mow I think that perhaps it is the last for the season.  I suppose I will still run the mower a time or two to mulch/blow leaves as they fall on the lawn, but with cooler temperatures arriving I suspect the grass won’t be growing much more this season.  While the leaves are beautiful as they change colors and hang on the trees, they become work when they fall and collect on the lawn.  Many times in life we want the parts that are beautiful but we don’t want the work involved with the beauty.  

I finished the mowing in the middle of the afternoon and after putting things away for the day, I headed to lunch.  Lunch was followed by a little relaxing at home before heading to Sam’s Club, WalMart, and Meijer.  We made it back home by early evening and as I began to write today’s page I received a message that the alarm at work had been set off.  So, the writing was put on hold and I drove to work to check out the issue.  When I arrived, there were a variety of lights on in the building but no cars parked outside so I cautiously drove through the lot looking for any evidence of unwanted activity.  After checking out the building and finding no signs of foul play, I turned all the lights out then secured the building and rearmed the security system before heading home.  Alarm systems are designed to get our attention.  Occasionally, such as tonight, a false alarm is triggered by an unknown cause yet they need addressed every time they go off or they soon become useless.  God has designed our bodies, our minds, and our spirits with an alarm system of sorts.  His Spirit within us will warn us when things are not what they should be.  Physical and emotional pain serve as warnings that things in our life need to be addressed.  God gives us His Word to warn us of a day of judgment that will descend with all of God’s wrath on those who fail to heed His warning to be saved.  

I pray that you and I would pay attention to the signs of the times so we are ready for the day Christ will return.  I pray that we would recognize, and do, the work that needs to take place in order to fully experience the beauty of a relationship with God.  I pray that we would pay attention to the various means God uses to get our attention.  I pray that we would be wise stewards of everything God entrusts us with, but our doing so would be based on a wisdom that comes from God rather than from man’s wisdom.  I pray that we would always heed the warnings that we receive from God when things aren’t right.  I pray that we would warn others, not only of the danger faced by those outside of Christ, but that the warning would include the good news of how to avoid that danger.  

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