2016: Page 291

Sometimes when I write these daily pages it seems like an endless cycle, but that is only because I don’t remember the beginning and I can’t see the end.  Page 291 was a Monday which found me at the building early to get it cleaned and ready for the day.  The early morning hours were quiet and peaceful as I went about my work.  By the time the school day was set to begin, I was ready to settle into the Monday morning routine of sitting with God and writing a prayer guide for next week.  As I spent time in prayer, my mind reflected on life events, some recent and some not so recent.  In the midst of everything that life has held, it has been a great comfort to have God as my refuge.  It was with this in mind that I settled on the topic of refuge and some of the things that God says He is our refuge from.  Not only will next week’s prayer guide focus on how God is our refuge, it will also help to spend time in prayer about how we can reflect God’s nature by providing a refuge for those in need of one.

The photo with today’s page was taken last week at Potato Creek as I was out spending time with God.  While the park becomes a refuge — a safe place — for a wide variety of wildlife, it also becomes a location where I can take refuge from the chaos of the world and rest in the presence of God.  God expects us to live and be an active witness in the world but He also understands our need for a time and place of refuge.  Jesus set the example of taking time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life in order to spend time in prayer as He took refuge with His Father.

Once the prayer guide was complete I did some follow-up with our pest control service and then met with a sales rep for our janitorial supplies.  He had stopped by to drop off a promotional flyer for their sidewalk ice melt.  While I’m not ready to think about winter and the need for snow removal and ice melt, it is better to be reminded and prepared than to have no supplies when winter does eventually arrive.  The Bible teaches that the return of Jesus is coming.  That return is nearer now than it ever has been before.  While I can’t tell you the exact day or hour that the first snowfall will arrive this winter, I know that it is coming and I need to be prepared.  I also can’t tell you the exact day or hour that Jesus will return, but I know that He is coming and I need to be prepared.  Just as the salesman dropped by today with a warning, God’s Word gives us a warning regarding our need to be ready.  Not only do we need to be ready, but God has called each of us as His disciples to be the ones who would warn others of the judgment to come as we also share the good news that we can escape the coming wrath of God by being found in Christ.

I pray that you and I would realize that one day the routines of life will end and only the things that we have invested in the kingdom of God will last.  I pray that we would recognize God as our refuge, an ever-present help in time of need.  I pray that we would be a conduit for people in need of a refuge to find that safe place in Christ.  I pray that we would allow our times alone with God to recharge us for the work He has called us to.  I pray that we would walk fully in His presence even in the times we are surrounded by people.  I pray that we would understand the times and live as ones ready for the return of Christ.  I pray that we would share a warning with the people around us who need reminded that the return of Jesus is drawing near.

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