2016: Page 282

Page 282 was a beautiful fall day and a good day for a family adventure!  The cooler temperatures yesterday led me to drinking too much coffee, so my night was rather restless.  I suppose it was a good thing that I was restless as during the night someone had completely missed the spiritual concern and point that I had made in a social media post and they tried to make it into something political.  The good news is that I had a couple friends who understood what I had posted and gave the same response I would have had I not gone to sleep after the posting.  During one of my middle of the night awake times, I noticed the back and forth that had taken place and realized that once the post had been made political it would no longer have the meaning it was intended to have, so I took it down in the middle of the night before it got out of hand even further.

It did make me realize that I need to find a way to use social media in the positive ways that I attempt to do with my Tom’s Treasure, Impact Prayer Ministry, and Tom Lemler Photography pages without allowing everything else that is on it to distract me.  I’m not sure what that will look like yet, but these page-and-photo-a-day writings are linked to show up on my social media feeds automatically so they will continue regardless of what my social media usage looks like over the next month.  At some point early in the morning, I finally went to sleep and stayed asleep until morning arrived and it was time to get up.  Once up, I spent some time with God and continued to wrestle with the words to a poem for tomorrow.  As I wrestled, I worked on getting Susan up until she finally decided it was time to wake up and get dressed for the day.  Once she was ready, we headed out on a Saturday family adventure.  Our first stop was lunch, then our first real stop was at Salamonie Reservoir as I was looking for Three Falls Trail that I had read about online.  I found the information I needed and drove up the road to Salamonie River State Forest, where the trail is.  It was a beautiful walk and I found all three falls along the trail — only there was no water!  One of the falls had a slight trickle of water dripping over its face, but the other two had a damp look to them but no visible signs of water.  I guess spring might be a better time to actually see the three falls.

As we wandered our way home, I had a couple covered bridges on my list to stop and photograph.  Both of them were supposed to be open to traffic but the first one we stopped at was blocked off and chairs were set up inside the bridge for a wedding to take place later in the day.  We still managed a few photos and as we were leaving I noticed a sign for a mill.  It turned out to be an operating grain mill established in 1857.  They tried to get us to take a tour but we settled for wandering around the outside taking photos.  After that, it was on to the next covered bridge where I took the photo for today’s page.  This bridge we had driven over and while I was wandering around it taking pictures, I walked underneath it and took a photo.  Many covered bridges are no longer open to vehicle traffic because their support structures have been deemed unsatisfactory.  I have seen some beautiful looking bridges that have been closed to traffic because a careful inspection of what is under the bridge determined it would not be able to support the additional weight of vehicles.  I took this photo because most of the photos you will see of covered bridges, and most of the ones I take, are of the top part of the bridge.  That is what draws our attention and makes it identifiable to the average person.  In fact, sometimes there is so much attention paid to the visible part of the bridge, and not to the supporting structure, that it can be on the verge of collapse and no one will notice until it is too late.

As I thought about the day, I wondered how often we spend the majority of our time, and maybe even all of our time, working on the part of our life that everyone else sees without paying attention to the foundation it rests upon.  While my bridge photo shows some of the support structure for the bridge, there is a critical element to it that does its work completely unseen.  Without the visible support structure resting on, and securely fastened to, a solid foundation, the bridge is subject to movement that would eventually destroy it.  Our entire life, including the visible support structures that we have, must rest securely on the foundation of God’s Word if we are to have any hope of enduring the storms of life.  

I pray that you and I would seek God during our restless moments of life and pay attention to the things He may desire for us to do during those restless times.  I pray that we would value the people God has put in our life and find ways to enjoy this adventure of life together.  I pray that we would live a life that is not dried up but flows constantly with the love of God.  I pray that we would not only pay attention to the visible parts of our life that others see, but that we would daily work on the structures which support us as we remain firmly placed on the foundation of God’s Word.

Nikon D5300 061.jpg

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