2016: Page 272

I’m tired.  While part of it is a physical tiredness as page 272 has been a 15+ hour workday, there is also an equal element of mental tiredness from seeing people continue to do the same things year after year, expecting different results while rejecting common sense advise.  As I watch that happen around me, I wonder if it’s possible for God to ever be “mentally tired” as He watches us do the same things year after year, expecting different results while avoiding the common sense instruction of His Word.  God says that if we humble ourselves and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, He will heal our land.  But we say, “What wicked ways are you talking about?”.  We define wickedness to be the things others do rather than use the definitions God has in His Word.  We hold on to our arrogance, pride, greed, envy, hatred, anger, selfishness and so many other things because surely those can’t be what He’s talking about when He calls people to turn from their wicked ways.  We call out to God and we point fingers — if only “those people” would turn from their wickedness, God would heal our land.  If “they” would repent and do things God’s way, the hardships we face would be gone.  It’s always easier, but never effective, to assume the change God is calling for is something someone else has to do.

Anyhow, I guess that’s a free paragraph in today’s page. 🙂  The day began with the cleaning, building prep, and taking out trash that needs to take place each morning.  This morning also had a “fun” element as I had to replace a hallway light bulb.  As I carried the old bulb through the dark auditorium, I came upon the doorway sooner than expected and was startled by the loud POP! of the fluorescent tube as it exploded all over me.  After brushing myself off and getting all the glass cleaned up from the area, I spent a good part of the morning finishing the initial proofreading of my latest book and then making the corrections in the manuscript file.  When that was finished, I spent time going through the lesson material for the Wednesday night class I teach.  The class is for first, second, and third graders and I am trying to teach a general overview of the Bible at a level they can understand and grow from.  By mid-afternoon I took a lunch break and then worked on both the lesson for the evening and a sermon for this weekend.  While working on those studies, a fox went trotting by my office window.  He was too quick for me to get any of my cameras out, so by the time I had a camera ready I looked down the back field to see if any of the deer were out.  Sure enough, there were a couple deer at the far end of the field and as I watched them, my fox came trotting out of the woods at the edge of the field.  He was moving quickly toward the area the deer were in and as I hurried outside with my camera, I caught one photo of him as he prepared to head into the woods where the deer had just gone.  As he disappeared, I returned to my studies up until time to teach.  When the class time was over, I spent the next few hours doing tomorrow morning’s cleaning tonight.

I don’t know how likely it is that this fox would actually be able to chase down one of the deer, but watching it stalk them reminded me of the scripture that describes satan as prowling about as a hungry lion.  I would imagine that if I was in an area likely to have a hungry lion prowling around, I would make every effort to use whatever was at my disposal to become aware of the lion’s presence and to protect myself.  God has let us know that if we are in the world, we are in an area where satan is likely to be prowling and seeking to devour someone.  Since I know that, how much effort do I put into not only being aware of his presence but in constantly protecting myself with the full armor of God?  Do I pray in the Spirit at all times, or are there times when I feel safe on my own and let my guard down?  God’s desire is that I would avoid the schemes and traps of the enemy so that I’m not devoured.

I pray that you and I would live in a way that does not weary God by our lack of listening.  I pray that we would apply God’s Word to ourselves first when it comes to humbling ourselves, seeking His face, and turning from our wicked ways.  I pray that we would allow God to define wickedness and accept His demand that we turn away from it.  I pray that we would be aware of the enemy’s desire to destroy us.  I pray that we would live with the protection provided by the armor of God.  I pray that we would not fall prey to the schemes of the evil one.

Wildlife 006.jpg

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