2016: Page 257

Page 257 began with the early morning cleaning and prayer time that most of my workday mornings start with.  There is a peaceful atmosphere in an empty, quiet building even while cleaning — at least once you get used the the random noises the building makes. 🙂  Once the cleaning was done and the building ready for the day, I spent some time working on material for a 1st – 3rd grade class I will teach on Wednesday evenings at the church.  It’s been a long time since I’ve taught elementary students, and even longer since it was early elementary.  I suppose this could be fun or this could be a nightmare for them and me both. 🙂  

As I worked on the lesson I had some phone calls and messages to make and respond to.  These ended up taking the rest of the morning as I shared with people some thoughts and ideas for growing in their prayer life and increasing the level of prayer in their churches.  While I’m not a big fan of the telephone, these are conversations I can have for hours on end.  There is something refreshing to my spirit to know God is using the gifts and insight He gives me as I spend time with Him.  Because our culture, and human nature, is so fixated on quantifying and measuring results in a manner that can be proven, a prayer-based life and ministry can be difficult for many people to accept even if they know they should.  When prayer is our focus and strategy, God tends to do things in a way that He gets the credit and it is nearly impossible to prove prayer had anything to do with it.  Yet, because prayer by its nature aligns our will with God’s, there is nothing more powerful on earth when it comes to accomplishing the will of God in the manner in which He desires.

After finishing up the workday, I headed out for a late lunch then headed home.  By early evening, we decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather and head to the riverwalk to shoot some photos and enjoy some family time together.  The sun was beginning to set as we finished our walk and I got some sunset photos, including a few through the decorative grasses in the park.  The sun shining through the tops of the grass clumps make them glow with the light of the sun just as God’s light shining through us ought to make us glow with the light of His Son.  

I pray that you and I continually grow in our practice of prayer as a lifestyle.  I pray that we would find an inner peace as we spend time with God throughout each day that he gives us.  I pray that we would seek to live a prayer-based life in everything we do.  I pray that every decision we make would be done through a life of prayer that seeks to know and do God’s will in all things.  I pray that we would live in a way that the light of Jesus shines through us so that others would see Him.

Riverwalk 042.jpg

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