2016: Page 256

Page 256 was the beginning of another work week.  The alarm went off before 6 AM this morning so I could get the pellet grill fired up and some pork put on it to cook all day for pulled pork in the evening.  Once that was up and going, it was time to head to work and get the building cleaned and ready for the day.  Sometimes as I write these pages I feel as if I’m a broken record — repeating the same thing over and over again.  In a way, that’s true.  Most of us have routines of life that surround us as we get up each day and prepare for whatever that day may bring — which often carries a strong resemblance to the days ahead of it.  Routine in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad whether it’s in our work life or in our prayer life.  The deadly element with either one is when our routine creates an emptiness in what we do.  Some people do the same work for so long that they operate almost on auto-pilot without giving much thought to what they are actually doing.  The same can be true in our prayer life when it becomes such an ingrained part of who we are that we find our self going through the routine of prayer without really talking and listening to God.  For me, combining prayer with my routines of work helps to keep either of them from becoming empty practices.  The work of cleaning keeps my prayers focused on the people who will be using the areas I am working in.  The act of praying while I work helps to keep me focused on a greater purpose than just keeping things cleaned and maintained.

Once the building was ready for the day, it was time to settle in for my Monday writing routine.  I began by writing yesterday’s page as it was rather late last night by the time we got home from Lake Michigan and I had gone through most of the photos taken.  After yesterday’s page was written, I worked on the prayer guide for next week.  As I spent time with God, the subject of humility kept coming to mind so I began a search through scripture as I prepared to write the prayer guide with a focus of humility.  Sometimes we tend to think of humility as having a low view of self.  In fact, Biblical humility is just the opposite.  True humility is having a proper view of our self in relation to God.  It’s a view that puts Him in charge but lifts us up as having great value as His child.  When I know the value I have as God’s child, I find that pride and self-promotion are unneeded and have no place in my life.  

After the prayer guide was written, I spent some time finishing the writing of the final week of devotions in the “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series I have been working on.  This series contains 13 weeks worth of daily devotions with each week covering a topic related to how God would have us serve.  Today I wrote the final 3 days of devotions focused on serving with purity.  As we consider God’s command that serving others is a part of every Christian’s life, there are characteristics that help us to serve in a manner worthy of the calling we have in Christ.  The draft copies of week’s devotions in this series are available in pdf format from the Impact Prayer Ministry website.  I’m still working on what the finished print product will look like.  Considering either separate booklets for each week or a book compilation of the devotions for all 13 weeks — or perhaps even a combination of the two. 🙂

By the time my writing was complete it was mid-afternoon and, with the early start to the day, time to head home.  When I got home I fixed some lunch and then spent some time going through yesterday’s photos.  The photo I chose for today’s page stood out to me as I thought about today’s writings.  While there are times the lake front water looks dirty and uninviting, yesterday it was sparkling clear as it rolled onto shore.  While the water temperature was enough to keep most people out, the appearance of purity made it attractive to a few brave wave-jumping people.  Our purity, or lack thereof, as we serve will often make a difference in how inviting Jesus looks to the people who are watching our life.

I pray that you and I would seek to do everything with purpose.  I pray that our prayer life would help us to have focus in our work life.  I pray that our daily work would be filled with prayer.  I pray that we would live in humility in all that we do.  I pray that our view of ourselves would match God’s view of us.  I pray that we would seek God’s help in living wit purity in all aspects of our life.  I pray that our purity in serving would make the gospel of Jesus inviting to those who are paying attention.

Lake Michigan 302.jpg

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