2016: Page 250

After a long, busy, and seizure-filled weekend, Susan needed to catch up on her sleep so my page 250 became a work from home day.  Mary Jane went to work early and did my morning cleaning at the building so I could stay with Susan.  Technically, the first hour of today’s page was spent finishing our drive home following a Lake Huron lighthouse trip.  Because we got home in the middle of the night, my morning was filled with writing — first yesterday’s page and then the prayer guide for next week.  As I wrote yesterday’s page and spent time in prayer about what God would have me write for next week’s prayer guide, the idea of never give up seemed appropriate.

I wrote in the introduction to the prayer guide that while Jesus taught that unless we give up everything we have we cannot be His disciples, the Bible also talks about some “things” that we should never give up.  God says that the crown of life is reserved for those who are faithful to the end.  At least in my life, it seems that satan works overtime to get us to give up.  For many of us, though, the idea of giving up on God isn’t likely to take place in one fell swoop.  Instead, the enemy encourages us to “just take a break”.  We’ve grown up in a culture where advertisers have sold us on the idea that we “deserve a break”.  With that idea planted in our minds, it becomes easy for each of us to become convinced we are not giving up on anything — we are simply taking a much deserved break.  While there is scriptural precedent, and Jesus set the example, for times of rest and refreshing — a break, if you will — the good purpose of a break is to allow us to draw closer to God.  The enemy’s purpose in convincing us we need a break is to draw us away from God.  This makes it critical that every time we step back from something and take a break, we examine the purpose of the break to determine if it will draw us closer to God or take us further away.

As I finished up the writing, Susan was finally getting up and it was time to make lunch — she really was tired. 🙂  After lunch I spent some time scheduling the prayer guide to go out next week and then spent some time going through the photos I took over the weekend.  A big focus of the trip was visiting and photographing lighthouses along the Lake Huron shoreline.  The purpose of these lights are to provide direction and guidance to all those traveling on the water.  The lights also provide warning of dangerous areas that need to be avoided.  When Jesus states that He is the light of the world and as His followers we are to be the light of the world, His purpose is that we would provide direction and guidance to those traveling around us in this world.  When we hold forth the light of God’s Word, we not only lift up a beacon to lead people to safety, we also provide a warning of the dangers that exist in a world filled with shipwrecked people.  

I pray that you and I would learn the difference between giving up everything to be a disciple and not giving up in being a disciple.  I pray that we would seek God when it comes to our taking  breaks in life so that we are refreshed by Him rather than being distracted by the enemy.  I pray that we would understand our role as the light of the world — as one who holds forth the light of Jesus in a dark world.  I pray that we would look to God for direction and safety as we hold up the light of His Word to lead others to the same safety we experience in relationship with Him.


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