2016: Page 242

Page 242 has been a long Monday that began with the usual Monday morning cleaning and building prep.  Once the building was ready for the day and the trash was taken out, I settled into my Monday morning routine of spending time with God listening for what the next week’s prayer guide will focus on.  A few things came to mind rather quickly but when I checked, I discovered that I had done prayer guides with those topics fairly recently.  As I continued to pray and listen, I thought about the upcoming weekend and the fact that this next prayer guide would go out in the middle of Labor Day weekend here in the United States.  With that in mind, I began to think about a prayer guide focused on the work we do.  I found that I had written a prayer guide about work nearly 3 years ago but I decided to go ahead and readdress the topic with a focus on working for the Lord.  The Bible tells us that whatever we do, we should do it as working for the Lord.  That ought to give us plenty to pray about on a daily basis as we consider how much we include the Lord in everything we do.

Once the prayer guide was finished, I did some more writing in the “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series.  Today I finished up the 7-day devotional about serving with patience.  If we think about it, most of us understand the importance of others having patience with us.  We probably even understand the need for us to have patience with others but when it comes to serving, it is so easy to become frustrated and lose our patience.  Once we do that, the effectiveness of our service quickly disappears.  The series will eventually have 13 week’s worth of daily devotions with each week focused around a topic and how it relates to the way we serve.  I have one more 7-day devotional to write, “Serving with Purity”, and then I will be ready to put this series into print in some fashion.  

In the midst of my morning of writing, I made some phone calls and followed up with trying to schedule some work that needs done at the building.  The best I could do was get a response that the service person should be here today or tomorrow.  With such a wide time-span, I found myself tied to the building for the day only to have them not come which means it could be a long day again tomorrow.  I suppose it was fitting that I spent so much of the morning writing about serving with patience. 🙂  Anyhow, after munching on junk food I had in the office, I headed out to spend some time on the roof to work at sealing up some skylights that were once again leaking.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I use on them, I can keep them waterproof for about a year before needing to work on them again — today was that “again”, although sometimes I have to go back after the next rain and put a second coat on before I get the year’s protection.  I’ll keep an eye on it during the next rain and see how it holds up.  Once I came off the roof I did some more outside work before heading in to cool off and begin packing up to head home after a 10+ hour day.

Once home, I relaxed a bit before supper and then headed down to Potato Creek with my family to see if the eagles were expecting visitors.  I did manage to see one of the eagles in a distant tree and caught a few photos as it flew even further away.  With the distance and the lack of light, the photos didn’t turn out all that well but it was good to see the eagle.  While the sky was mostly overcast, the sun would peek through at times and reflect beautifully off the still waters of Wooster Lake.  

I pray that you and I would examine all of the work we do and see how we can improve in our efforts to do it all for the Lord.  I pray that we would view patience as a positive attribute which flows from the fruit of God’s Spirit living in us.  I pray that we would serve others with the same patience that we desire to receive from God.  I pray that we would have patience with those who serve us.  I pray that we would keep working on the areas of our life that seem to always be in need of maintenance.  I pray that we would pay attention to, and appreciate, the beauty that God reveals to us on a regular basis.


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