2016: Page 229

Page 229 began as the clock struck midnight in the midst of a record rainfall that was trying to make its way inside the house.  There were a few places where the water was streaming in through the basement wall so I tried to figure out why it was coming in so steadily.  As I tracked down the water source, I discovered that the water was pouring over the top of the guttering just above the main leak into the basement, as well as a few other places.  So I grab a raincoat and ladder and head outside into the rain shortly after midnight to clean the downspout areas of the guttering.  This got a lot of the rain flowing away from the house as it should.  When I came inside, I also discovered that the sump pump wasn’t keeping up with all the water coming in.  Fortunately, cleaning the guttering had slowed the amount of water coming into the house so I pulled the sump pump and discovered that all of the intake area was clogged.  As messy as it was, it was time to put the raincoat back on and head outside to do some cleaning and try to backflush it so it would draw up water and pump it out again.  After some time, I finally got it to where water would flow out the bottom when I ran a hose down from the top so it was time to get out of the rain and see if it would work.  When I connected it back in place and plugged it in, I could hear the water flowing up through the pipe and the water level was slowly dropping instead of rising. 🙂  By now, I had spent an hour and a half between inside and outside working on the water issues that had caused me to wake up from a couple hours of sleep.  The rain had finally slowed as well, so it was back to bed although sleep was rather elusive as my mind and body tried to unwind from the nighttime tasks.

It didn’t seem like it was long before it was time to wake up and head to work to get the morning cleaning and prep work done before the students arrive for school.  Next on my project list for today was the missions accounting for the church.  As I did that, it was also time I could spend praying for the various missions that Deer Run helps support.  The bookkeeping and prayer time took me into the early afternoon hours so I packed everything up and headed to a late lunch with my family.  Once home, the short night had caught up with me so I took a nap before deciding to load up the canoe and visit Potato Creek for the evening.  When we arrived at the park, the lady at the gate wanted to know what we planned on doing as most of the park activities were closed due to the high water and flooding from last night’s rain.  Since we planed on canoeing, I didn’t think that would be a problem — water actually helps 🙂 — but she said all the boat ramps were closed and we weren’t allowed to launch the canoe.  So, a quick change of plans and we drove around the park to the places we could go and got some great photos as the colors of the sky, water, and land were incredible.  With such great photo opportunities, it ended up being the best boat ride never taken.  One of my favorite photos was this flower blooming in the flooded shoreline.  It seemed fitting for the way my day started as I’ve titled it, “Underwater”.

Sometimes life feels like we are “underwater” emotionally, spiritually, financially, or in a countless number of other ways.  The good news when we are underwater is that we have a God who can part the water, calm the water, and even walk on the water.  He creates beautiful masterpieces out of the things that are messes that we would just as soon avoid.

I pray that you and I would turn to God when the storms of life pour down upon us.  I pray that we would look for the comfort of His presence in the midst of difficult times.  I pray that we would find beauty in the way God restores the messes we make of life.


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