2016: Page 228

Day 228 was tough to get started and stay focused so it made for a longer than anticipated day at work in order to get my Monday tasks completed.  The workweek began with the usual Monday morning cleaning and building prep with a few unexpected tasks to keep me on my toes. 🙂  Once the building was ready for the day and the trash was taken out, I sat down at my computer where I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.  As I checked email, I found a wonderful note from a participant of the recent National Student Conference.  A big part of the note was a thank you for the books I gave out and the teaching I did, but I was touched more deeply by the testimony of how God has already been using my writings, particularly a couple of the poems, in her life.  After I went through the rest of my emails and responded to the ones that needed a response, I began to settle my mind into God’s presence to begin work on the prayer guide for next week.

As I tried to focus, it seemed like there was one distraction after another and they all appeared to be designed to not only steal my joy but to become a greater discouragement than the encouragement from the morning’s email.  As I fought off the battle through a pursuit of God’s presence, I settled on the topic of inheritance for next week’s prayer guide.  It was a good morning spending time with God in His Word learning more about the inheritance that belongs to me as one of His children.  I suppose it was due to the battle that is raging within me, but the listening for what to write took much longer than it does for most prayer guides.  But I stayed with it and fought through the distractions with a continued pursuit of God.  The prayer guide was finished shortly after noon so I turned my attention to doing some more writing in the “Devotions for Those Who Serve” series while I was in a writing mode.  Today’s writing in that series began a focus on serving with patience.  Some of the topics I wrote about today include patience through wisdom, patience through love, and patience produced by God’s Spirit.  Patience is one of those things that people like to joke about never praying for because the answer usually has to do with experiencing things that stretch our patience so that it grows.  Yet when we serve people, it doesn’t take long before we realize just how much we need God to produce patience within our life in order to serve most effectively for Him.

By late afternoon I glanced at the clock and realized the day had gotten away from me after spending nine hours at work.  By then, it was too late even for a late lunch so I headed home and fired up the pellet grill to cook some chicken to go on a lettuce salad for supper.  While it was cooking I was able to relax a bit and then after supper I began the writing for today’s page so I can hopefully get to bed early to catch up on some needed sleep.  Today’s photo is from last night’s visit to Potato Creek and the haziness reminded me of the feeling in my mind today.

I pray that you and I would always pursue a relationship with God and learn to be even more deliberate about it when we like we are struggling to stay afloat.  I pray that we would understand the great value we have in the inheritance that is ours as children of God.  I pray that we would be help others to understand the inheritance that can be theirs when they turn to God.  I pray that we would learn to serve with a patience that only God can give.  I pray that we would never give up in our desire to be found faithful when Jesus returns.


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