2016: Page 218

After a long week that has felt non-stop since last Friday morning, page 218 looked to be an opportunity for rest.  As it turned out, the theme for the day in more ways than one was “go fly a kite”.  Susan has been having a lot of seizure activity the last few days, so my day of rest allowed her to sleep in and get some rest as well.  After Susan got up and I got her breakfast around for her, I spent some time working on the layout of my latest book to see if I could add a two-page spread in the front of it to include a dedication page and the poem I had written in memory of my niece.  While the books I have written are primarily given away at conferences and such to people who will use them to grow in a lifestyle of prayer, I’m considering using any proceeds that God may bring about from the book, “Almost Heaven”, to add to the scholarship fund set up in my niece’s memory.  After adding the two pages to the manuscript file, I sent it to the printing company I use and ordered some proof copies of the updated book to make sure the change didn’t mess with any other parts of the book.

I eventually fired up the grill to get some lunch going and sat on the porch waiting for photo opportunities while I let lunch cook.  I caught a glimpse of a hummingbird a couple of times as well as a butterfly that didn’t seem to want to land anywhere.  Eventually, a finch showed up to work on the sunflower seeds and I managed a few pictures of it before it flew off.  After lunch, I rested a bit but my family was eager to “go out and do something” so we loaded some things in the truck and headed out for a drive.  We headed for the Lake Michigan shoreline and drove along it as much as we could from the Michigan state line into Michigan City.  Drove another stretch of shoreline through the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on our way to the Indiana Dunes State Park.  It was at the park that I put the kite up in the air and took some photos while we relaxed for a while on the beach.  By early evening, we packed up from there and stopped for a bite to eat on our way back to Michigan City to photograph the sunset at Washington Park with the lighthouse for the background.

For some reason today, I had a difficult getting the camera settings I wanted on a consistent basis.  While I had a few photos that were overexposed to the point of not being able to distinguish what they were of, more of them were much darker than I had planned or desired — and just when I had begun thinking I was finally understanding some of the settings on my camera.  Life seems to be a lot like that, at least for me.  When I think I’m getting some part of it figured out, something happens to reveal how little I really know.  The times of success are followed by moments of failure and darkness that always seem larger than what they really are.  The good deeds of life go unrewarded and unappreciated, so the enemy tries to convince us to just give up — no one cares anyway.  While I can’t vouch for people who care, God always does.  His love for us is expressed in so many ways, that each tries to draw us closer into relationship with Him.  His desire is that we would know Him, we would experience His love, and that we would accurately represent Him to the people around us.

I pray that you and I would comfort those who mourn and honor those who have lived a life of faith.  I pray that we would give of ourselves even when the response is to go fly a kite.  I pray that we would experience daily the love and care that God lavishes on those who are His.  I pray that as His children, we would represent Him well to the people around us.  


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