2016: Page 217

Page 217 was back to work wearing the maintenance hat.  After a conference schedule that had me on the go from 7:30 each morning until midnight most days, my body was calling for rest but my schedule was saying something different.  I had a service tech scheduled to be at the building today to continue work on our heating and air conditioning system so I needed to be there to coordinate that.  The lawn was also needing mowed, so I began that early to try to beat the heat and humidity in the forecast.  The first half of the mowing was definitely more comfortable than the second half, but I did manage to get finished by keeping at it most of the day.

As I mowed, I put into practice the points I had been teaching at the conference about listening and praying in the “real world”.  The prayer time was valuable as I was experiencing a post-conference let-down as I went from the prayer-focused teaching work at the conference to the lawn-mowing and maintenance work at the church.  I often wonder why God hasn’t opened up the opportunities and resources for me to be preaching and teaching full time but also realize He teaches me so much through the physical work He has me doing.  I suppose it is a lesson in patience and waiting upon Him as I seek to live a life that is faithful in its obedience to His calling.

After the mowing was done and the service work completed in the building, I had put in a full day and it was time to head home.  Having worked through lunch, I grabbed a Klondike bar out of the freezer and a bag of Famous Amos cookies to provide some healthy nutrition to hold me over for an hour or so before dinner. 🙂  As I relaxed a bit at home, I started through the pictures from my walks with God during my conference trip.  As I went through the photos from the first day of the trip, this group of butterflies caught my eye.  I don’t know if I’m just paying more attention or if they’re more plentiful, but it seems like butterflies have been everywhere I go this summer.  For me, there is something striking about the beauty and incredible variety that can be found in the butterfly world.  

As the day draws to an end, my mind has reached the point of fatigue that is characterized by a foggy haze in my thought processes.  The actively awake hours from the week have caught up with me and the heat and humidity of the day’s outside work has added to the “drained” feeling.  All of that means it is time to begin wrapping up today’s written page so my mind and body can get some rest.  In the same way, it is important we pay attention to the condition of our spiritual life.  God calls us to be active in living out our faith, but He also calls for times when we “withdraw to lonely places” and allow our spirit to rest in God’s presence.

I pray that you and I would live out our identity in Christ in the midst of all of the activities we find ourselves doing.  I pray that we would grow in patience as a part of the fruit of God’s Spirit within us as we learn to wait upon the Lord to complete His work in us according to His good timing.  I pray that we would pay attention to the incredible reminders that God has placed around us of His creativity and attention to detail.  I pray that we would set aside times to rest our body, mind, and spirit as we grow in our relationship with God.


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