2016: Page 206

Page 206 began early as I headed in to work to clean bathrooms and make sure the rest of the building was clean and ready for the Sunday morning Bible studies and worship gathering.  Once I was done, I headed home to change out of my work clothes, get dressed for church, and head back to the building with my family for a time of study and worship.  Our Sunday School class began a study through the book of Ruth and today we looked at the first chapter and Ruth’s commitment not only to Naomi, but to her people and her God.  It was this commitment of hers that put her in a position to not only meet the man who would become her husband, but to end up listed in Matthew’s account of the genealogy of Jesus!  

Following the morning worship gathering, we headed to lunch and then spent a good part of the afternoon relaxing before deciding to head to Potato Creek to see if the eagles were out enjoying the beautiful afternoon.  We made it to Potato Creek and it was just as hot and humid there as it had been at home.  The eagles were no where in sight when we stopped by the area where we usually see them so we drove through the park to see what else might catch our eyes and want photographed.  It was too hot to spend much time out of the air conditioned truck, so after driving through the park we left without taking any pictures.  Instead of heading home, we decided to take a scenic Sunday afternoon/evening drive.  We headed toward Lake Michigan on our drive and eventually ended up at Warren Dunes State Park.  My initial plan was to just stop for a short time, take some pictures and perhaps wade in the water to cool off before heading home.  As we got out of the truck and began to take pictures, the rumbling of a storm could be heard in the distance as the clouds began to build out over the lake.  So, our quick visit turned into several hours of watching and photographing the arriving storm and sunset.  Because of the clouds over the lake, the sky gave the appearance of a sunset very early in the evening as the sun had dropped behind some of the storm clouds and illuminated the sky with the colors of a sunset.  Eventually, the sun dropped into the gap between the clouds and the lake, creating a sunset that made the earlier version pale in comparison.  Throughout this process and into the late evening, an incredible lightning show flashed through the sky around us.  I tried to photograph the lightning and didn’t think I was very successful until I got home and put the photos on my computer where I could see that I had indeed captured a glimpse of the lightning several times.  

As I thought about the day and went through the pictures I had taken, I chose one of the sun setting and shining up through the clouds to be the photo for today’s page.  It was hard to choose, but this one captured my eye with its warmth and beauty as the glow of the sun spread to all of its surroundings.  That’s the way it ought to be when the presence of God’s Son is in our life through His Holy Spirit.  The glow of the Son ought to be so real and powerful in our life that it spreads to all of our surroundings wherever we go.  

I pray that you and I would have a whole-hearted commitment to God as we seek to do His will and honor Him in all things.  I pray that we would set aside regular time to rest in His presence as a part of His family.  I pray that His presence in us would shine a great light into the darkness that fills the world.


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