2016: Page 204

Page 204 is turning into a long day as I’m putting down four coats of floor finish in seven classrooms.  The day began with the good news that I will have an extra workshop time at the National Student Conference next weekend.  After following up with that, I wrote yesterday’s page in this page-and-photo-a-day adventure I’ve been on this year.  Once that was written, it was time to start in on the floors.  The finish needs to dry for an hour between coats, so I started with the four rooms that were ready and began a rotation from one to the next.  By the time I had put a coat of finish down in the fourth room, I usually had about 15 minutes to wait before I could begin the process for the next coat.  

In one of those waiting times, the printed proof copies of my latest book had arrived from Amazon so I looked through them to make sure they were printed as expected.  They passed my approval, so I went online to finish the set-up so they would be listed for sale on Amazon along with the Kindle edition that I had already approved.  By late afternoon, the print edition was live on Amazon as is the Kindle edition.  Eventually Amazon will combine the two pages into a “book” page and offer both versions from one location.  

As I think about the day, I think about the shine that the floors now have while trying not to think very long about how short-lived it will be.  It seems everyone wants a nice shiny floor in their classroom, but no one wants to take much responsibility to help keep it that way.  I think far too often that statement could describe our daily walk with Christ.  We reach a point of conviction where we come to Jesus to have our sins washed away and to be cleansed from all unrighteousness by the blood of Christ.  The cost of giving us a shiny new life was the very blood of God’s Son, Jesus.  The work that He accomplished on the cross makes the work of refinishing floors seem like child’s-play.  Yet what do we do with that “new creation” life that God gives us?  We like the shine of God’s Spirit within us, but how much effort do we put into maintaining the purity that He restored in us?  Does my life shine today as much as, or more than, it did the day Jesus washed my sins away?  Have I allowed Him to do all of the work in restoring me to Himself, only to allow my life’s witness to be tarnished through neglect and inattention?  Do I daily put on the armor of God to protect who He has created me to be, or do I put on the things of the world so that I am not even recognized as His?

I pray that you and I would realize the incredible shine that we have as the light of the World with God’s Spirit living within us.  I pray that we would be diligent with time spent in prayer and God’s Word in order to maintain the purity that God has restored in us.  I pray that we would put way the things of the world and resolve never to wear them again.  I pray that we would daily find ourselves clothed with Christ so the world sees Him as they observe us.


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