2016: Page 195

Page 195 began early as my mind is full and my heart is heavy, making sleep a bit restless.  After taking care of some things in the office and making some phone calls to arrange some meetings, I headed up to camp to walk and pray.  While I did pray for the camp and the high school camp session going on, much of my prayer time today was for my brother and his family and listening for wisdom in how to minister to people through their tragedy.  After my prayer time at the camp, I made my way to my brother’s house to listen as I sat with the family and worked on some of the details for his daughter’s funeral.  After spending time with the family, I came home and spent even more time listening to God for wisdom in how to honor Him and my niece in what He would have me share.  With a weary mind and body, I found myself napping before getting up to write today’s page.

As I thought about today, the photo of the curly slide at camp seemed to fit.  I took the photo this morning as I was praying for the campers that were gathered across the way and I was thinking about the many twists and turns that they have had in life, and the many more they will likely have.  While we may wish and pray for a life that is smooth sailing and always takes a straight path to where we are going, I think we all know life doesn’t happen that way.  There are twists and turns of our doing that we add for fun, excitement, or simple variety.  Then there are other twists and turns that we don’t seek and never see coming that add danger, heartache, and sorrow.  The thing with the curly slide is that despite the twists and turns, you always come out at the same place.  I learned early in my childhood that the secret to taming the twists and turns of the slide is to hold on to the center pole as you go.  Holding on doesn’t remove the twists and turns, but at least for me, it removed the fear of them.  I’ve been to water parks where they would have multiple water slides that would twist and turn as they were interwoven with each other.  Even with those, your destination wasn’t determined by the twists and turns, rather by which slide you chose to be on.  Our eternal destination isn’t determined by the twists and turns or even how we handle them, it is determined by our decision to choose wisely in living this life with Jesus at the center.  When we hold on to Him, the twists and turns of life still come, but the fear of them can be removed as we trust Him to be with us all the way to our destination.

I pray that you and I would look to God to help us comfort those who mourn.  I pray that we would choose Jesus as our starting point in all things and allow Him to carry us through to our destination.  I pray that we would hold fast to Jesus as the center of all things as we ride out the twists and turns of life.


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