2016: Page 194

Page 194 has been a long day with over 12 hours at work without even taking a lunch break.  I began the day checking messages and going through more of the comments about my niece on social media as I continue to pray about what God would have me to share during her funeral service.  Most of the day could best be described as multi-tasking.  Several of the classroom floors in the building were ready to put down finish so I began the process of applying four layers of finish throughout the day.  Each layer gets mopped on and then needs to dry for an hour before the next coat can be applied.  By doing three different rooms, it wasn’t a long wait after finishing a coat on the last room before I could start the next coat on the first room.

As I worked,my mind was on a lot of different things that kept me praying throughout the day.  As I mopped on finish and prayed, I thought about the workshops I will lead later this month at a national student conference.  One of the workshops is about developing a lifestyle of prayer in the real world.  I’m not sure I could find a more fitting example of what the workshop will be about than my praying while laying down wax and thinking through what God would have me share at the funeral later this week.  A lifestyle of prayer in the real world means that prayer becomes a way of life no matter what you’re doing.

As I worked on the floor waxing project, I was expecting a call to confirm a time for delivery of a new playground piece for the preschool.  When I finally finished the floor work, I still hadn’t heard about the delivery.  When I checked the tracking number, it said it was out for a scheduled delivery between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM — never mind that it was currently 4:30 PM  🙂  I had enough work to do in the office that I decided I would wait until at least 5 before giving up on it coming today.  I hadn’t any more than sat down to begin writing than the semi truck pulled up with the playground climber in boxes.  As the driver backed the truck around to unload, the sky seemed to open up and poured out an immense amount of rain.  We waited out the short-lived rain before unloading the boxes just in time for another brief shower.  With the boxes wet it didn’t seem wise to leave the pieces out where someone might decide they would be easy to pick up, so I began the assembly process.  I should probably have looked in the instructions to see if they gave a time estimate for assembly, but I got it done in about two hours.  Most of the assembly went very well except for two different steps that didn’t line up easily.  With a little extra effort it all went together and since I hadn’t taken any photos during the day, a photo of the finished product on the playground becomes the photo for today’s page.

Life seems to be a lot like that climber assembly.  Some parts go smoothly and as expected, but many more have issues that require more work and effort than what we likely anticipated.  It seems like many times we are more likely to persevere and keep working at it when it’s a physical project than when it involves our relationship with God and people.  While the reward of completing a project such as putting together a play set is great, the reward that awaits us when we complete a life of faithfulness to God is beyond even our wildest imagination.  Life gets difficult.  Jesus warned us that we would have trouble in this world.  He also reminded us that He has overcome this world.

I pray that you and I would make a lifestyle of prayer a part of our daily lives.  I pray that we would run with endurance the race set before us.  I pray that we would persevere through the difficult times of life as we anticipate the reward of a life finished in Christ.


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