2016: Page 184

Page 184 has been a busy day with quite a mix of activities and some rest.  I’m writing today’s page from the office at work as I fit it in between cleaning for Sunday and finishing sermon work for tomorrow.  Being a Saturday, the day had a relaxed start to it and then Susan and I headed to the zoo.  It was rather cool and overcast to begin the day and some of the animals seemed to like that as they were more active than most Saturday mornings.  After seeing the animals and taking photos of some of them, we rode the zoo train and then headed home.  Being a person that is comfortable with good routines and traditions, it was grilled mushroom bacon cheeseburgers for lunch again. 🙂  After lunch I relaxed a bit and took my camera out to the front porch in an attempt to capture some photos of the hummingbirds that like the feeder MJ put out.  I managed a few photos and then some family members stopped by to visit for a while.

By late afternoon, it was time to head to Sam’s Club to pick up some things.  A trip to our usual Sam’s Club now means a trip to The Chief in Goshen for ice cream.  By the time we got home, it was late evening and I headed in to work to finish getting the building ready for tomorrow, put some polish on a sermon for tomorrow, and write today’s page.  As I was at my desk, the woods began to glow with a brilliant red color as the setting sun shone over and through it.  With the building being surrounded by trees to the west, north, and east, I could only capture a glimpse of the sunset as I stepped out the door by my office to take a picture.  As I write, the sounds of fireworks going off are constant yet no fireworks display I have ever seen comes close to reaching the beauty and majesty of the handiwork of God in a simple sunrise or sunset.

As I think about the day, my mind immediately goes to how easily the noise of the world distracts us from noticing and sharing the wonder of God.  It seems I have been distracted a lot this week and as I look back, all of the distractions have simply been noise with very little real substance to them.  The good news is that one of the unexpected benefits of doing these daily written pages is that I stop each day to recognize the distractions and seek God’s help in pressing on with the work He has set before me.  As I think about the distractions of just this week and the things that seemed to be the target of the distractions, I have to wonder if in the times when no distractions are present is it because I’m not making the effort to do the things God created me to do.  Distractions, confusion, and deceit are primary tools of the enemy so if I’m fully engaged in living a life that represents Christ, I should expect these weapons to be used against me.  The wonderful news is that the One who lives within me is greater than the one who is against me.  While the weapons of the enemy may have great effectiveness against me along, there is no weapon formed that can defeat the power of the One that now lives in me.

I pray that you and I would notice the still, small whisper of the work of God in our world and in our lives.  I pray that we would be aware of the noise of distraction that constantly attempts to keep us from being who God created us to be.  I pray that we would press on in the power of God’s Spirit when the weapon of distractions comes against us.  I pray that we would live victoriously in the knowledge that nothing can defeat the power of the One who lives within us and calls us His own.


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