2016: Page 183

Page 183 begins the second half of this year of seeing each day of life as a page waiting to be written.  I began the day by doing some proof reading and editing of my current book project and then worked at writing some more of the daily devotions for it.  One of today’s topics was about heaven being a home of restoration.  The Bible, and experience, tells us that everyone has sinned, causing us to no longer reflect the image of God in the way we were created to do.  The original shine in our soul has been weathered and tarnished not only by sin, but also by a world filled with worry and fear that rob us of the joy of the Spirit that we ought to be filled with.  One of the assured hopes that we live with as children of God is that we will be fully restored when we arrive home in His presence.

After writing for a while, I took a break and fired up the weedeater to do some trimming around the building.  While this needs done on a regular basis, it is also true that we need to do some “spiritual weedeating” on a regular basis.  When I think of spiritual weeds, I think about Paul’s words regarding the “sin that so easily entangles us.”  Spiritual weeds are things that become a hindrance to our life producing the fruit that it ought to.  Some of these spiritual weeds are obvious.  They are the thorny issues that look and feel like weeds as they clearly hinder our walk with Christ.  Other spiritual weeds are a little more difficult to identify.  They look and feel like good things that people would want in their life but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that they are taking up the good soil and nutrients that our life needs to produce godly fruit.  It is through time spent with God in prayer and His Word that we can identify the weeds that exist in our life.  When we become aware of the things that keep us from being productive, we can turn to God for His help in removing them from our life.

After finishing the trimming, it was back inside for some more writing.  While the plan was to do some cleaning and prep this afternoon to get the building ready for Sunday but by mid-afternoon I was tired and hungry so I called it a day and headed to lunch.  The cleaning and prep will wait until Saturday night.  While the temperature wasn’t feeling exactly like summer, the beautiful weather was perfect for a late afternoon hike at Potato Creek.  Today’s page photo comes from the east end of the lake at Potato Creek and shows the beauty of the lake, sky, and wetland areas of the park.  When I consider the incredible beauty of God’s creation, I can think of no suitable response but to worship Him.

I pray that you and I would seek the restoring power of God’s Spirit in our life.  I pray that we would live with a confidence that God has the desire and ability to restore us to Himself.  I pray that we would pay attention to, and remove, the things which are taking away from our ability to bear much fruit for Christ.  I pray that we would constantly worship God as we consider the majesty of His creation.


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