2016: Page 162

Page 162 has been a busy, productive day.  I started mowing at work early in the day while it was still cool.  The sky was very overcast when I began and I was praying that I could get all the lawn mowed and also stay dry.  I had tried to convince myself yesterday that the lawn needed mowed and with the forecast of rain, I should probably mow instead of going to camp.  But I knew then that it was just an excuse to try to keep me from doing what God wanted done.  Because there is so much to mow, I normally try to spread it out over two days but this week today was the day.  While it took most of the work day, I did manage to get it all mowed and it stayed dry all day.  I did take a couple breaks during the mowing and did some cleaning in the building and worked on some of the A/C settings.

After work was done, I stopped by the house and loaded up my kayak then ate a very late lunch at Arby’s before heading to the river for some late afternoon paddling.  Normally when I put in the river I begin by paddling upstream the distance I want to go, then float back down with the current to where I parked.  Today I wanted to take some photos in the downtown South Bend area so I began the trip going downstream and then had to finish with the work going upstream to the truck.  It had gotten very hot by the time I finished mowing at work and I thought it would be cooler on the water — it was very relaxing, but definitely didn’t feel cooler. 🙂

While on the river, I paddled under 4 traffic bridges, 1 pedestrian bridge, and one railroad bridge — then back under each of them on the return trip.  On a calm day like today, I enjoy the beauty of these multi-span bridges reflected in the water.  Today’s reflection included a beautiful cloud-filled sky with patches of blue.  As I thought about the day, my mind focused for a time on the mowing — more specifically God allowing me to get it finished today after choosing a more important task yesterday.  So many times we are tempted to neglect the things we are confident God wants us to do because we are so busy doing the things we feel are important.  When listening to God takes time out of a schedule that we have already overfilled, our trust of Him to take care of the things of lesser importance is put to the test.  

As I work on my fourth 32 ounce glass of water since coming home tonight, I also think about the thirst that is created by living in the heat of the day.  Without the proper liquid intake the heat can quickly dehydrate a person, causing them to become sick or even die.  When we live life in the heat of the day, it is critical that we continually refresh our spirit with the Living Water of Jesus.  Many are spiritually sick and some perhaps are even dying as they journey through this dry and weary land without the refreshing presence of Jesus in their lives.

I pray that you and I would learn to listen to God and obediently follow His direction rather than our own.  I pray that we would drink our fill of the Living Water that God offers through His Son.  I pray that we would take the Living Water of Jesus to the people around us who are sick and dying, in need of the refreshing that only God can give.  


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