2016: Page 159

Today’s page was rather routine, at least from my perspective.  I spent a good part of the work day in the office taking care of some paperwork and messages as well as continued work on the current writing project.  I had lunch with a couple friends and then returned to work to finish up the day with some small projects.  Once home, I put some pork chops on the pellet grill to slow cook and started going through our vacation photos.

My current writing project is a devotional focused on different things the Bible says about heaven, or our eternal home.  One of today’s topics I worked on was about heaven being a home of influence.  I can think of no greater influence than the dwelling place of God.  Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is like yeast that is mixed in with a large amount of flour until it had influenced all of the dough.  God’s presence is not contained in any specific place or time, so His influence should be present everywhere we go.  I’m confident that God’s influence in heaven is perfect.  Is His influence on earth, in my life, just as perfect?  Jesus taught in His model prayer that we should pray that God’s kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.  That very prayer is a request to allow God to have complete influence in our life.  It is also a prayer that His presence would be the yeast in our life that spreads the kingdom of heaven everywhere we go.

I came back with nearly 2000 photos from vacation so it is taking quite some time to got through them and do some basic cropping and exposure adjustments.  There are so many of the vacation scenes that I thoroughly enjoy that it is difficult to narrow the quantity down to a group of favorites.  However, one of our favorite times was a third trip to Fort DeSoto Park.  We had already been there twice during the week and decided to go a third time to see if the dolphins would be out.  They say “third times a charm”, and in this case our third visit found the dolphins out playing more actively than the other times.  The water was teaming with small fish, so we suspect that the play of the dolphins had more to do with catching lunch than actual play.  🙂   

I pray that you and I would live with the routines of life in a way that allows the influence of the kingdom of heaven to be experienced.  I pray that we would seek the yeast of God’s Spirit to be present in our lives at all times.  I pray that we would stay with the things God has called us to do, even when we don’t immediately, or ever, see the results that we expect.


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