2016: Page 148

For some reason I had a restless night leading into page 148 but I did manage to get some sleep before getting up to snap some sunrise photos.  As I was taking photos, I heard a loud snort and splash against the seawall near my feet.  As I looked to see what had caused the noise, I saw a dolphin swimming away from me along the length of the seawall — I think we had startled each other.  It was beautiful to watch him as he played in the clear morning water before leaving the area.  After my morning photos, MJ and Susan got up and we headed to a park along the bay to walk the boardwalks and try out the camera lens I rented for this trip.  At one point there were fish that were flying out of the water.  I didn’t have much success photographing them but did find a couple different birds that were a little more willing to pose.  One of them did a lot of posing but eventually used its wings to shield itself from having to see us. 🙂  

After the walk, we stopped by Walmart to finish stocking up on the food and supplies we need for our vacation.  After we brought those back to the room and put things away that needed to be in the refrigerator, we headed to Crabby Bill’s for lunch.  The three of us shared a couple platters of fried shrimp, fried fish, fried scallops, fried crab cakes, french fries, and hush puppies!  It was all very good and filling so we rolled out of there in need of a nap.  Instead of an actual nap, we headed to the beach where we relaxed in the beach chairs and walked in the water.  After some time at the beach we headed back to the room to rest a bit before an evening walk.  As we relaxed, Susan had a seizure that ended up being one of her big ones that left her bruised and worn out before finally coming out of it.  It is always difficult to watch her go through these and do our best to protect her from serious injury but there is not much we can do as she goes through a violent stage on her way out of the seizure.  That took our evening walk out of the plans so I fired up the grill and fixed some bacon cheeseburgers for supper.  We finished out the day by a quick walk to the beach to take some sunset photos then returned to the room to call it a day.

As I thought about the day, my mind went back to that bird we encountered on our walk.  Because of that, he became the photo for today’s page.  Sometimes the wisest thing we can do is to close our mouth and cover up our face, so to speak.  Because writing is such a big part of my life and God has given me a gift that He is using in incredible ways, I am often tempted to write responses to things that don’t need my response and would not be helped by my response.  Particularly on social media, I often find myself needing to cover up my eyes and avoid conflict that has no way of being healthy or beneficial to anyone.  It is one thing to state truth, it is another thing to state opinion, and still another to endlessly argue opinion with people who have no desire, interest, or openness to listening.  We live in a time where truth is being discarded and exchanged for lies that make people feel good for a time.  Jesus prayed that we would be sanctified by the truth but before people randomly defined what that was, He made it clear that God’s Word is the truth He was talking about.  Holding on to God’s Word as truth is not popular in very many places any more.  Doing so may cause people to suggest you are simple, but not doing so would lead God to suggest that you are foolish.  I don’t know about you, but I know I would rather have people think I am simple than have God think I am foolish!

I pray that you and I would protect our eyes and ears from situations that would be harmful to ourselves and to others.  I pray that we would hold fast to God’s Word as truth.  I pray that we would be more concerned with God’s evaluation of our life than we are with what people may think.


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