2016: Page 147

Page 147 began my extended holiday weekend and family vacation time.  I never realize how tired I am becoming until I have the opportunity to stop the busy-ness of life and all the missed rest catches up with me.  I slept in until 7 this morning, which probably says a lot that I now consider that sleeping in. 🙂  All the packing was done last night so once we were all up and around, it was off to the airport for the hurry up and wait routine.  We made it through check-in and security, then waited for the plane to arrive which would fly us to our destination.  The process went smoothly today and we eventually got the right bounce off the runway to get us airborne.  The 2 hour flight was beautiful as we flew over a variety of cloud types and sizes before finding clear skies as we began our descent into Clearwater.  Once on the ground we headed to the north side of Tampa to pick up a camera lens I have rented for the week in the hopes of getting some good bird shots.  Once we had the lens in hand we headed for lunch, stopping at a Skyline Chili location to fuel up for the week. 🙂  After lunch we stopped at Sam’s Club to get some of the groceries we will need, then headed to our hotel to check in and start to get settled.  Once we unpacked we headed out for an evening walk down to the ice cream shop and then stopped to get some pictures on the way back.  It was still an hour or so before sunset so we went back to the room then returned to the beach for some sunset photos.  It was a beautiful sunset and even one of the herons got into watching the sun as it went down.

As I thought about the day, I was reminded of how easy it is for the cares of the world to wear a person down without them even realizing it is happening.  It is important that we pay attention to that as the cares of the world can rob of not only of our joy, but more importantly of our effectiveness in being witnesses for Jesus.  When the cares of the world have gotten a hold of me, I find myself not responding to people with the love of Christ that I ought to have.  I think I write about rest a lot because it is one thing that I often struggle with.  I want people to be happy with me and pleased with the things I do, so I often keep going beyond what is reasonable or even appropriate trying my best to meet expectations whether reasonable or not.  It doesn’t take very long when life is lived that way to find yourself frazzled and overwhelmed, all  while not even accomplishing the pleasing of others that had been so important.  I am still learning and thus I continue to share this lesson with you.  Rest is not wasted time when it is a part of God’s plan and design for your life.  As I was photographing the sunset tonight, I looked behind me and there was a heron standing in the water gazing out at the setting sun . . . at least that is the way it appeared.  I moved around behind it so I could take its picture as a reminder that even the birds take the time to recognize the beauty of God’s handiwork in creation.

I pray that you and I would pay attention to the warning signs that signify rest is needed.  I pray that we would make the most of the restful opportunities that we have.  I pray that we would pay attention to the wonder that God surrounds us with on a daily basis.


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