2016: Page 134

Page 134 started extra early as there was a lot to get done on what was forecasted to be a dry and pleasant day.  The plan was to have the bathrooms cleaned, hallways swept, trash taken out, and all the inside prep work done for the day by the time there was enough daylight to be able to mow.  When I took the trash out at 6:30 AM, the color from the sunrise was just beginning to show on the eastern horizon so I fueled up the mower and began the task that I usually divide over two days.  There was still a slight chill in the air but I was ready for it today with a windbreaker and lightweight gloves.  It was a beautiful morning to be on the mower watching the grass clippings fly and the sun come up and crawl across the sky.  

The mowing took the rest of the morning so, with a work day scheduled at the church tomorrow, by noon it was time to call it a day and head for home.  At home I fired up the pellet grill and put a rack of ribs on it to start slow-cooking for supper.  Once it was going, we headed down to Potato Creek as a family to enjoy the beautiful afternoon and get some walking in.  We ended up enjoying a hike that was a little over 4 miles with an occasional stop along the way to take some pictures.  The sky was an incredible blue with a variety of white clouds scattered over the blue water of the lake and various shades of green from the tree and plant growth.  The songbirds were out in full force throughout the walk and their music simply added a beautiful soundtrack to all of the visual beauty.  After the walk at Potato Creek we headed home where I push mowed the front lawn while the ribs finished cooking.  It seemed fitting that my day would begin wrapping up in a similar manner that much of it was spent in — enjoying the look of a freshly cut lawn.

As I thought about the enjoyment I receive from both the process and the result of lawn and grounds maintenance, my mind turned toward the process and results that ought to be present in maintaining a life.  Without the regular maintenance of prayer and God’s Word, our life can start looking rather unkempt in a hurry.  We use our time with God to trim back unwanted and unnecessary growth so the beauty of God’s Spirit within us can be seen.  

I pray that you and I would spend time maintaining the life God has given us.  I pray that we would keep the overgrowth cut back so that the light of Jesus can be seen clearly in us.  I pray that we would find enjoyment in the process of maintaining a godly life.  I pray that the result of living a godly life would be a beauty to the people around us.


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