2016: Page 133

Another early start to a day that seemed to just rush right by.  I started the day with the routine morning cleaning and the toilet plunging which has become as necessary as the daily cleaning.  As I thought about how easy it is to get my head fully immersed in the routines of life that are rushing by, this photo I took a few days ago came to mind.  The problem of being completely immersed in the routines of life is that we lose the ability to actually notice what is going on around us.  It is so easy to feel isolated when all you are able to focus on is what you are doing and your immediate surroundings.  I have those times when I pull my head out of the current of life and there seems to be no one around.  It is in those times that I am more likely to seek, and notice, God’s presence with me.  And in His presence He shows me the benefit I am to others and that others are to me.  When I go to do things that I noticed days earlier that needed done and find they are already taken care of, God reminds me that I’m not alone.  When I set aside my schedule for a moment to help a stranger who is out of gas, God reminds me that they are not alone.

In addition to the usual building prep and cleaning for the day, I spent time with the state boiler inspector this morning as our heating systems were due for an inspection.  Inspectors tend to make me nervous but this one liked what he saw and both of our boiler systems passed with no issues needing addressed.  Once that was done, I checked messages and found that the president of the student conference I am working with this summer liked my current book project so I decided I better get busy at writing the pages beyond the table of contents and outline. 🙂  As I worked on writing, some friends stopped by to see if I wanted to go to lunch with them.  By then it was already one o’clock  and lunch sounded like a good plan so off we went.  It was a good meal and a good time of fellowship together before I headed back to the office to work on another day or two in the devotional journal I’m writing.  As I was writing, a red fox trotted past my office window and quickly disappeared before I could get any of my cameras out to snap a photo.  Years ago we had found a fox den with young pups around it in the woods on the church property but I hadn’t seen any evidence that they were still in the area until today.

I pray that you and I would use our alone times as opportunities to seek God and spend time with Him.  I pray that we would pay attention when God reminds us of the people He has put into our life for our benefit and encouragement.  I pray that we would make the most of every opportunity when God reveals to us the people He has put into our life for us to be a benefit to and encourage.  I pray that we would learn to trust God more fully each day.


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