2016: Page 129

Page 129 was a beautiful Sunday to spend time with the church family in worship of God.  It was also Mother’s Day here in the U.S. as we celebrate the people in our lives that we call Mom.  After the morning at church, we headed to Subway for lunch and then headed down to spend some time with my mom and dad and eventually my sister and her family as they also came to wish mom a happy Mother’s Day.  After an afternoon at the farm, we came home and I put some pork chops on the pellet grill to smoke while we headed to the river for a quick late evening walk while supper cooked.  Throughout the walk we would cross paths with different families of geese.  Geese aren’t the friendliest creatures to begin with but when they have young ones with them they become an incredible force to be reckoned with.  It is always fascinating to watch various “moms” in what we call the wildlife world watch over and protect their “children”.  Even when the young ones are curious, the mama goose will only let them investigate to a certain point of safety before she steps in and puts an end to the curiosity.

I had a mom that both gave freedom and set boundaries.  My mom wanted me to learn new things and grow but she also wanted me to learn to be aware of dangerous situations and know how to avoid them and/or handle them.  God calls all parents to “train up” their children but before you start thinking that lets you off the hook because you don’t have children or they are already “trained”, He also calls every Christian to make disciples — “train up” the next generation of believers.  The lessons we learn from godly moms, and dads, can be applied in our obedience to God’s command to “make disciples of all nations”.  

As I finish up the written part of today’s “page”, I conclude with a Mother’s Day poem I wrote two years ago.

Today is a day,
     we honor our mother.
But how is that different,
     from any other?
While it is nice
     to set aside a day.
Honoring our parents
     is really God’s way!

You may not be one,
but surely you’ve had.
Your very own mom,
I pray good and not bad.
The lessons we learn
from a mom who is good.
Are things we should hear,
to do what we should.

To Plead for her children,
this mom always will.
She lifts them to God,
praying that He will fill.
She Respects those around her,
even God when she prays.
She wants Him to guide her,
each of her days.

When things take a wrong turn,
she Adapts with the best.
She still has a focus
that her children can rest.
As she talks with God,
her spirit does Yield.
She may not understand
but she trusts in His shield.

These are some lessons,
a godly mom can teach.
They’re also the same ones
that I plan to preach!
I pray that you listen,
to God’s Spirit in me.
And He shows you clearly,
what He wants you to see.

© 2014 by Tom Lemler


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