2016: Page 107

I guess page 107 began very early as the work from page 106 spilled over past the midnight hour leading to page 107.  I left work at 12:15 AM then spent about 45 minutes at home unwinding before finally getting some sleep to start the day.  This made for a slow start to Saturday but we eventually got the day started and I went to lunch with my family before we headed down to Potato Creek to enjoy the beautiful warm weather.  Last fall I reached the point where I had to buy pants a size larger than what I had been wearing for several years, so I refer to these frequent trips to the park as Waist Management hikes. 🙂  Since being more deliberate about walking/hiking on a regular basis, I have been able to wear my previous sized pants again.  Today’s hike was just short of 5 miles and when we go as a family I am typically pushing my daughter in her wheelchair for most of the hike.  

The trails were busier today than I think I have ever seen them as people seemed eager to have spring-like weather finally arrive after having significant snow just a week ago.  Depending on which trails we take, one of our stops is often along a shallow creek which eventually flows into the lake at Potato Creek.  It typically runs crystal clear over a bed of fine sand or gravel, depending on the location.  As I sat in the middle of the creek (there was a small raised “island”) I thought about some of the references in the Bible where God talks about streams — particularly about streams of living water.  It is this living water, with Jesus as its source, that is offered to the Samaritan woman at the well.  It is this living water that flows as streams in the dessert.  It is this living water that flows from the throne of God and makes the heart glad.  

As I thought about this stream of crystal clear water, I thought about another stop we often make on the other side of the park.  That stop is also along a stream of crystal clear water — it is the stream leaving the lake.  If I were to ask you which stream you think is most important to the health of the lake, it would be a trick question because both are necessary for a fresh water lake.  The inlet of fresh water, whether from surface streams or underground springs, is important to providing a lake with life.  The outlet stream is critical to keep the lake from building up levels of minerals that would be lethal to all life relying on the source of fresh water — i.e. the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Both the inlet and outlet streams are just as critical to a healthy spiritual life.  We have no life without the source water that is found in the living water offered by Jesus.  We must allow the streams of living water fill us through the presence of God’s Spirit within us.  But this living water is not meant to stay within us and accumulate with no outward expression.  The living water of God stays fresh within us as we allow it to flow through us into the lives of all that we cross paths with.  In order to stay spiritually healthy and fit, we must not only take in what God pours into our life, we must pour out the love that He has given to us.

I pray that you and I would seek a life that is filled by God and flows into the lives of others.  I pray that we would desire to live a healthy life spiritually for the benefit of God’s kingdom.  I pray that we would look for ways to share all that God continues to pour into us.


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