2016: Page 106

I figure many of you probably look at the picture I post with each page before you read the page — maybe even instead of reading the page. 😉  As with most pages that I’ve lived and written, today’s picture represents some aspect of my day.  I took the picture yesterday, but I’ve chosen it for page 106 to represent the need for balance.  

My work day began shortly after 6 AM with the usual cleaning and building prep that needs done each day.  I used the rest of the morning to catch up on some maintenance tasks and writing that my outside grounds work had kept me from doing throughout the week.  Knowing how easy it is for me to lose balance and end up spending a 16+ hour day at work on Fridays, I left the building around noon to spend some time at the local camera store and then headed home to get my taxes done.  Even thought they extended the deadline this year to April 18 for some reason, the 15th is my traditional tax filing day so I took care of it today.  After dinner with my family, I headed back to work around 7 PM for what will probably be 4 – 5 hours of work doing the deeper weekly cleaning to have the building ready for Sunday.  In keeping with that pursuit of balance, the floor scrubber can not do all of the floors on a single charge so midway through I need to take a break from that aspect of cleaning.  Typically the recharge time allows me to clean bathrooms, mop floors that the scrubber can’t do, and write the day’s page as the recharging completes.  

God has created us with a need to work, a need to rest, a need for purpose, a need for relationship, and most importantly among other needs, a need for Him.  When we focus too much on our secondary needs and not on our primary need for Him, our life quickly spins out of balance and starts sounding various physical and/or emotional alarms in an attempt to get our attention.  The secret to balance is to find the correct center point that allows everything around it to be evenly distributed by the weight that it has.  If we ever hope to have a truly balanced life, the center point on which everything else balances has to be our need for God.  When my need for God is central in my life, then He can order my need for work, rest, purpose, relationship, etc according to the weight He knows each has in my life and teach me the weight each one should have in my life.  As I thought about this picture I attached, I was amazed at both the balance and grip represented.  It was a very breezy afternoon and I was having difficulty on the ground keeping my camera balanced enough for a hand-held shot.  This osprey was probably 40+ feet off the ground and I still haven’t decided if it was simply resting on leg or only has one.  I watched it for quite some time and never saw the other foot come down.  Yet there she stood.  Eyes razor-focused on her surroundings while maintaining a grip on the exact point that provides the ability to balance with an appearance of no effort.

I pray that you and I learn to tighten our grip on our need for God while we loosen our grip on everything else.  I pray that our pursuit of balance would not cause us to neglect any of the needs God created within us, but rather it would help us to keep them all in perspective.  I pray that the people around us would know that God is the center point of our life on which everything else is balanced.  


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