2016: Page 98

Page 98 has had a Friday feel to it as I finished preparing for this weekend’s Michigan Christian Convention.  A big part of the prep today was getting the building ready for Sunday which included my Friday cleaning.  But before that could happen, the day began with our fire alarm company in the building doing an annual inspection and testing of of our detection system.  The final report states that everything passed with no deficiencies in the system — a report I like to hear! 🙂  Once the inspections were taken care of I did some financial record-keeping for the church missions account and caught up on the latest newsletters from the missions Deer Run helps to support.  As I worked in the office snow would fall throughout the day, sometimes fairly light and sometimes quite heavily.  The sun fought to come out at times but always seemed to be overtaken by the snow clouds.  In the breaks between snow times, the wildlife would become active and try to brave the snow until it became heavy then they would disappear until the next clearing.

As I watched the bunnies, squirrels, and a variety of birds come and go, I thought about their persistence in both enjoying the day and finding shelter when needed.  At one point a pair of cardinals sat outside my window singing for me . . . or perhaps more likely, singing for each other.  I thought about how easily many of us tend to give up when circumstances are less than ideal.  Or maybe we don’t give up, perhaps we take the other extreme and stubbornly continue something when we ought to be seeking shelter and rest.  Perhaps we have difficulty singing in the calm because we have failed to take shelter within the hand of God during the storm.  Maybe we feel we have endured a storm one time too many so we have quit coming out to sing once the storm passes.  

God tells us that in this world we will have trouble but that we should be encouraged because He has overcome the world.  While they don’t seem to like to be out in it, the wildlife seem to come out and celebrate the snow as they drink in the moisture that it leaves behind.  Sometimes, particularly in the midst of it, we tend to forget how much the “inclement weather” in our life helps us to grow.  It is when we appreciate the growth process and the necessity of all that helps accomplish that, we are able to sing God’s praises for all that He is and all that He provides.

I pray that you and I would seek God at all times of our life.  I pray that we would look to God for the wisdom in knowing the things we need to endure and knowing when it is time to retreat into a season of rest.  I pray that we would learn to praise God for both the things He brings us to and the things He brings us through.  


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