2016: Page 96

Page 96 was the final day of our little spring break getaway and we covered a lot of territory.  Between Monday and Tuesday, we visited 4 Indiana State Parks and 15 different covered bridges spread across 5 counties.  While there were a lot of highlights that were photo worthy, the greatest highlight of the trip was just enjoying life together as a family.

We left McCormick’s Creek State Park this morning with partial addresses for the first 5 bridges we hoped to photograph.  When I started putting them into my GPS, many of the addresses were not valid or understood, so we enjoyed some beautiful countryside driving as we figured out where the next bridge would be.  My phone turned out to be more helpful as I could look up the bridge by name and then it would give me directions.  This worked well until we hit several areas where I had no cell service.  We still managed to find the five I had begun my list with and then went on to find six more today to go with the four we photographed yesterday.

The bridges were nice and I think I took some decent photos of them, but I find the natural beauty of creation draws my attention a lot more than even the incredible works of man.  Today the beauty of a cloud dotted blue sky and a variety of wildflowers called out to be noticed.  As we were driving to one of the bridges, an owl flew in front of the truck and landed on a tree along the road.  I managed one photo of him in the tree and one of him leaving as he wasn’t too thrilled about us stopping to take pictures.  My current favorite of the day is the flower I’ve added to this page.  It has such a remarkable purity and beauty and the contrast of the thin leaves helps to draw that out.  

As I think about the day, I think about a simpler time when people would accomplish great tasks without the availability of our modern equipment simply by working together.  These covered bridges served a need and many of them were built by farmers who harvested the timber from their land and got together to put a bridge across a creek so their task of getting places was easier.  I think that many times we don’t accomplish what we could and should because we don’t believe we have the proper equipment, skill set, resources, permission, you name it.  So instead of working together as God has called us to, we sit back and bemoan the fact that nothing gets done anymore like it used to.  God has created us to not only need Him, but to need one another.  He equips each of us with gifts, abilities, and resources that are only a part of what is needed to accomplish His purpose in our lives.  It is when we allow Him to combine what He’s given us with the things He has given others, that the body of Christ functions as it should.

I pray that you and I would recognize the beauty of a simple life that honors Christ.  I pray that we would make everything God has given us available back to Him to use with the gifts He has given others to accomplish the good works He desires for us to do.  I pray that the body of Christ would not only talk about being one, but that we would learn to work as one.