2016: Page 95

Page 95 in this written journal of the year 2016 was spent with my family doing a little sightseeing and photo taking.  Our original plan was to head north and spend a day or two photographing lighthouses along Lake Michigan.  With winter not wanting to release its grip and allow spring to fully arrive in northern Indiana and Michigan, we decided to head to central Indiana where the forecast was for warmer weather.  With an overnight base at the McCormick’s Creek State Park Inn, we woke up this morning and headed to Brown County to photograph a couple covered bridges there.  One of the bridges is at the entrance to Brown County State Park, so we drove on in and took some pictures there as well.  It was at the park that I took the photo that is included as part of page 95 — more later about why I chose that photo.

After our visit to Brown County State Park, we headed up Greasy Creek Road to make our way to Bean Blossom, Indiana to see the covered bridge there.  By the time we were done photographing there, we headed to lunch where we would refuel our bodies and decide what was next.  The decision was made to head a couple counties over to Greene County where we found another covered bridge just south of Bloomfield, Indiana.  We spent some time photographing it then headed back through Spencer, Indiana to Cataract Falls to photograph the covered bridge there as well as the falls.  Once done there, we completed our loop with a return to McCormick’s Creek State Park where we took a 2 mile hike with Susan riding most of it in her wheelchair including a few stream crossings.  All in all, a pretty good day — four counties, four covered bridges, an impressive waterfall, a two-mile hike, and dinner with a variety of birds entertaining us outside the dining room window.

As I started going through today’s photos and reflecting on the day, the photo below reminded me of the song lyrics taken from Psalms 36, “Your love reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness stretches to the sky.”  I’ve always found this Psalm, and the corresponding song, a little strange though.  I suppose it could be said that while Jesus was on earth His love reached to the heavens and His faithfulness stretched to the sky, but other than that small slice of time I more often picture His love and faithfulness coming from the heavens and the sky.  As I watch the trees reaching toward the heavens, I noticed the elements of the heavens — the sun, the clouds, the blue sky — surrounding the very things reaching toward them.  A day with my family is a lot like that.  We reach toward each other and together we reach toward heaven and find that God’s love and faithfulness has surrounded us as we walk together.  These moments we spend as a family are priceless.  To walk together and hear Susan laugh is a slice of heaven itself.  To hear her talk about taking her dog (a large non-real plush Dalmatian) to heaven to see Jesus — “when it’s time” — reminds me often of where our home really is.

I pray that you and I would pay attention to the many ways that God extends His love and faithfulness to us each day.  I pray that we would value the family God has given us.  I pray that we would always face each day with an awareness that our assured hope is to see Jesus — “when it’s time”.