2016: Page 44

Earthdate: 20160213 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

After a late night at work, today was a day to sleep in.  I eventually made it up for the day and after my morning coffee and some time on the computer, I made it outside to clear the snow from the driveway at home.  The wind was blowing at a pretty brisk rate so using the snow blower may have cleared the drive but it covered me from head to toe with the icy snow.  Although the snow would continue to fall much of the day, it didn’t end up amounting to much additional accumulation for the day.  After lunch with the family it was time to head back to work and take care of the sidewalks and entryways so they were clear for a Valentine’s dinner at church tonight and would hopefully be in good shape for Sunday morning.

Overall, it has been a mild winter — at least as far as snow removal needs go.  While there is something beautiful about fresh snowfall and the crisp clean lines of cleared sidewalks, after a couple of hours out working in it I begin to think of spring.  It was interesting when I got up this morning that the photo I’m using on this day’s page was a “memories” reminder from Facebook that I had posted on this date last year.  I guess it may be normal that by mid-February I am tired of winter and looking forward to spring.  Winter seems to be hard on me both physically and emotionally.  It is difficult to plan for a day off because I’m responsible for the snow and about the time I work late one day so I won’t have to go in early the next, it snows overnight and I still have to go in.  So I find myself looking back at times and realizing I’ve gone in to work for some amount of time for 15 straight days, or 20 straight days, or even at one point 30 straight days.  While I know it is temporary and I at least have the flexibility now of adjusting my work times based on the need, it is tough on a mind like mine to spend a season without a known schedule.  

It is out of this mindset that some frustration from yesterday began weighing me down.  A recurring issue that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal.  Yet for years now every time I think everyone finally understands and is willing to comply with what needs done, I find that not everyone is of the same understanding or willingness to comply.  As I thought about that, and as the frustration built, I thought about how often God must look at the actions of those of us who  have agreed to live for Him and wonder what happened that we are doing something that He was sure we had an understanding between us that it was inappropriate.  Perhaps we excuse our disobedience with the justification that “it’s just this once.”  Or maybe we say, “it’s not that big of a deal.”  Maybe we even rationalize  and tell ourselves, “that’s not really what he meant.”  Or we try to take the high road with the explanation, “I’m doing it to help others.”   We become so good at coming up with reasons that we convince our self that we are right and anyone, even God, who says otherwise just doesn’t understand.  Unfortunately, none of those statements hold up to scrutiny for those seeking to be Christ-like.  Not only is obedience commanded, it was lived by Jesus.  The writer of Hebrews tells us that although he was the son, Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered.  Jesus taught that no student will be above his teacher.  We too must learn obedience even through the things we suffer and I believe we will fail at teaching others to be obedient until we have learned to live it ourselves.

I pray that you and I are good students of our teacher, Jesus.  I pray that our desire to become like Him drives us to become the obedient children that He calls us to be.  I pray that the obedience we exhibit on a daily basis makes us credible as we teach others.

Think Spring

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