2016: Page 22

After another good night’s sleep, I headed to work early to start a day filled with great variety.  My daughter has been having seizures and needing extra sleep, so after an early morning cleaning and building prep I headed home to be with her while my wife went to work.  While Susan slept, I finished writing the next 31-day devotional I am working on.  This one is about choosing the words we use each day.  Later in the day I printed out the initial manuscript so it is ready for my proofreader/editor.  I also printed a copy to take with me to the Christian Camp Leaders’ Conference so those in attendance can browse through it and see how it could be used in their camp setting.

Next on the agenda was taking Susan in to work then heading downtown for the St Joseph County Right to Life March for Life.  I had the privilege of offering the closing prayer at the rally prior to the walk downtown to the Federal Courthouse.  I shared one of the poems God had given me last year and prayed for the gathering and the need for everyone to value all life.  It seemed to be a very good turnout for noontime on a Friday and the weather was as cooperative as you could expect in mid-January.  My prayer is that this community was able to see that there are people willing to stand up, and speak up, for those who can’t speak for themselves.  Not only the community in general, but that those who value life would see that they are not alone.

It is interesting how quiet people can be about issues that matter when they are not sure how others feel.  They say that there is strength in numbers and I believe that is true in both positive and negative ways — depending on which side can draw the most people.  When you feel you are all alone, many people will allow fear to keep them from speaking up.  As Christians, God calls us to be bold in speaking of the hope we have in Christ.

After the rally and march downtown, I had lunch with a friend then headed back to work where I finished the set-up for the book I’m working on then began doing my end of the week cleaning of the building.  As I cleaned the building from one end to the other, my wife and daughter came down to help so I could get finished earlier in the evening.  Once the building was ready for the weekend, it was time to start loading up books and display material for the CCL conference.  As I prepped and packed, I checked in on the current road conditions through Kentucky and Tennessee and prayed that they are cleared up considerably by tomorrow afternoon.


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