2016: Page 4

The snow arrived overnight as predicted so it was an early start to the day as there were walks to be cleared and a building to get ready for the school day.  I’ve never been much of a morning person but the routine of being at work by six, or earlier on snow days, has grown on me.  There is something special that takes place as I go about my tasks during the stillness of the day.  The morning quietness helps me to quiet my spirit and listen more closely to God’s Spirit within me.  Even the lake effect snow that fell throughout the morning brought a fresh appearance to everything it touched.

Eventually the snow gave way to clear skies and bright sunshine!  As I finished up some office work, a wide variety of birds gathered in the trees and brush outside my window.  They were each laying claim to the berries and seed heads that stood out through the snow covered branches.  There were even a couple squirrels that joined in the party to see how much of the food supply they could claim as theirs.  It reminded me of the teaching of Jesus not to worry about tomorrow and the things the world chases after.  God provides for the birds and He not only has the ability to provide what I need, He knows exactly what that is even when I don’t.

One of the advantages I have learned about the early morning start to the work day is an early finish to the work day.  I took advantage of the first snow of 2016 to take a quiet nature walk at Potato Creek State Park late in the afternoon.  As I was taking photos across the lake and looking for one of the eagles that live there, I heard the whooshing sound of air movement as an eagle took off from behind me and flew over my head, disappearing into the distance before I could get my camera set and focused.  I left the lake side and took hike of about 3 miles, enjoying the blanket of snow and the sounds of the forest.  When I returned to my starting point, the eagle had also returned to his starting point but his location was surrounded on three sides by brush and one side by the lake so the few pictures I took were not the best.  That is okay because the pictures are really a bonus that allows me to share my experience with others.  The experience of being that close and feeling the wind from the wings of such a majestic bird is incredible.

I pray that God continues to keep me in tune with Him as I allow the quiet times of the day to refresh my spirit.

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