365 Pages

I have seen several social media postings lately that refer to the new year being a new opportunity to write your story.  As the calendar moves from 2015 to 2016, people are writing about a “clean slate”, a “fresh start”, and an “unwritten chapter”, among other phrases describing a new beginning.  As an author, probably the wording I like best is some variation of the idea that each day of the year to come is a blank page in the story of your life.  At the end of each year you have a 365 page book — what will your book say about you in the coming year?

As I contemplated that idea, my mind began to work overtime.  What if I did write a page every day?  Would my book at the end of the year be a work worth sharing?  Would it be a story of encouragement and help?  Would it be filled with excitement and passion?  Would there be elements of adventure and risk?  Would the story-line woven throughout the book reveal to the reader a person of complete faith and absolute trust in God?  My prayer is that all of these elements would be contained in such a book but I realize that these things are only present in the story of my life if I choose to live them and share them.

So, today I write the introduction and live the first page!  Far too often I think there is always tomorrow to make a difference and I find myself in procrastination mode.  Perhaps if I spend time each day actually writing the page from the day before, I would be more deliberate in making the choices that lead to the type of page I would want others to read.  I know today has already had its ups and downs in my mind and I have to choose my reaction both in my thoughts and in my actions.  Far too often I have let the circumstances of life write my story each day rather than let God’s story in my life define my circumstances.  My mind is wired in a way that makes it easy to dwell on the negative events and discouraging moments while completely missing the way God is continually using such things to mold and shape me into the image of His Son, Jesus.

I pray that at the end of the year, “Tom’s Book of 2016” will be a captivating read that reveals the power of God to work miraculously in ordinary people who trust Him completely.  I pray that your book of 2016 would reveal the same power of God at work in  your life.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler

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