If Jesus Had Facebook

If Jesus had Facebook,
     just what would He say?
Would he “like” the nude photo
     that you shared today?
Would He laugh at the language
     that you said, “never mind”?
When He looked at your wall,
    just what would He find?

I think far too often,
     we try to fit in.
We laugh and we joke
     at things God calls sin.
You say times are different,
     I need to relax.
The world likes you better
     if you avoid all the facts.

But I look at God’s Word,
     I believe it’s still true.
It says I should be different
    in all that I do.
To avoid the appearance,
     and even the hint.
Of things that are sinful
     and toward evil are bent.

I don’t claim to be perfect,
     but I think I should try.
To honor the One
     that for my sin did die.
I wake up each morning
     and offer a prayer.
“Lord, let your love in me,
     be all that I share.”
© 2015 by Tom Lemler

As I was cleaning and praying tonight, I would check Facebook periodically as I let the floor scrubber recharge or floors dry in order to continue my work.  As I did so, two things stood out to me – the promptness of people of all backgrounds to ask other to pray for Paris and the varying degrees of subtlety and inappropriateness in the content of the “usual” posts that show up in my newsfeed.  It made me think of the scripture which asks the rhetorical question, “Can salt water and fresh water come from the same spring?”  Should cursing and praises come from the same mouth . . . or the same Facebook account?  Just some late night thoughts as I wrap up a long day of work and pray that God would help each of us be consistent in our testimony and witness.

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