A Day Called Today

What if today
     was all that you had?
To determine if your life
     was lived good or bad?
Are there things you would do
     and things you would say?
That would be different somehow
     from a “regular” day?

Would you care for the poor
     or just walk on by?
Would you give with joy
     or respond with a sigh?
Would your children see you
     take time from your day?
To just be with them
     as they run and play?

Would the things that concern you
     make you want to fight?
Or would they lose their importance
     and now seem so slight?
Would being first
     in whatever the line?
Make all that much difference
    or perhaps second is fine?

If today was the day
     that you were judged by.
Would you face it with joy
     or would you walk off and cry?
What would be said
     by those left behind?
What kind of fruit
     would anyone find?

This much I know,
     though it may not be fact.
Today’s the last day
     some may see me act.
The people in life,
     they do come and go.
Will I lift them up
     or will I bring them low?

Will the words that I say –
     the ones that they hear.
Make them run away
     or perhaps draw them near?
Will they hear of Jesus
     in word and in deed?
Will my life be the one
     that has planted a seed?

So what will you do
     with the day that’s ahead?
Will you fill it with life
     or walk through it dead?
Will you find deeper meaning
     than just getting by?
Will you be found ready
     when it’s your time to die?

None of us know
     just when that will be.
When our time here is done
     and our Creator we see.
So the best I can tell you
     is just live today.
With the help of the Spirit
    in the best possible way!

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

As I was preparing the audio files from last night’s sermon to be put on my blog, this poem showed up in my mind.  The sermon from Luke 21 was about understanding the signs of the end.  The message that I really wanted people to walk away with had much more to do with being ready than actually knowing when.  I suspect that God’s preparation in my mind for that sermon was also the seed for this poem.  I pray that it accomplishes His purposes for it and that it is an encouragement to you as you live faithfully each day.
In prayer,

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