The Walk-Off

A long time ago
     in the mind of a child.
God planted a dream
     that to most would seem wild.
To walk with Him closely
     throughout every day.
To listen intently
     for what He will say.
To walk side by side
     as friend walks with friend.
To walk this way daily
     without any end.
To live like old Enoch
     from days long ago.
Whose walk with his Lord
     was more than “so-so”.
To be walking one day
     on this earth and its ground.
Then to walk off with God
     until he cannot be found.
That is the way
     that I want to be known.
I was walking with God
     then from earth I have flown.
What greater joy
     could there ever be.
Than to be called to heaven
     where God’s face I will see.
And when I get tired
     of being alive.
I recall Enoch’s years
     totaled three-sixty-five!
So I keep on walking
     by faith, not by sight.
For I could never make it
     if it was by my own might.
© 2015 by Tom Lemler
It has often been in the valleys of life that God has given me poems to write and this one was not an exception. From as far back as I can remember, Enoch has been one of my favorite Bible characters as I would contemplate a life lived in such a way that he “. . . walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him.” As the great-grandfather of Noah, Enoch lived in a time period where wickedness would have surrounded him in ever-increasing measure yet he chose to walk with God. I pray that you and I would make that choice daily that regardless of the wickedness around us, we will walk with God.
In prayer,

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