The Honest Truth

Let’s just be honest
     between you and I.
When I hear these words,
     I must wonder why.
Is what you have told me
     up to right now.
Been short of the truth
     in some way or somehow?

Have we become so much
     afraid of the crowd.
That we can’t speak the truth,
     we can’t say it out loud?
We sugar coat answers
     and make them sound good.
And wonder why we feel
     we’re misunderstood.

Everything’s fine,
     no problems, we say.
But inside our mind
     the clouds are all grey.
We’re hurting and dying,
     it’s painful inside.
But all of the while
     our smile is spread wide.

You can’t tell the truth,
     what will people think?
You tell on them,
     you’re branded a fink.
So problems do fester,
     bad actions do grow.
And we have been silenced
     so no one will know.

When we’re less than honest
     we live life in fear.
That someone will speak up
     and someone will hear.
There is a solution
     that God says is so.
Let your yes be yes,
     and let your no be no.

So next time you’re tempted
     to be less than true.
Be sure to remember
     that just isn’t you.
To live under pretense
     just shouldn’t be.
When you walk in the truth,
     the truth sets you free!
© 2015 by Tom Lemler

My mind seems to be wired differently than what the average person’s is. There are times when I am asked about something that I would much rather say the “polite” thing that I know is the expected answer but I just can’t do it. I was told by an eldership in years past that I was too honest because I couldn’t put the right “spin” on information. Sometimes I desperately want to do just that so I fit in, am accepted, avoid arguments, and so many other reasons but I find that there is something in my wiring that doesn’t allow that. I am able to keep things to myself as long as no one asks, but so often when people do ask about specific things they don’t seem to really want an honest answer. Anyhow, I’ve been in a mental fog/funk for a few days for some reason and I’m not really sure if there was a specific trigger point or reason for this poem, but I believe God gave it so I ought to share it. I pray that it accomplishes whatever purpose He has in mind for it.

In prayer,

3 thoughts on “The Honest Truth

  1. “but so often when people do ask about specific things they don’t seem to really want an honest answer.” Maybe you could ask them first if they want your honest opinion or ask them if they have a good sense of humor and thick skin! Maybe that would brace people first. As an artist, I often ask other artists for a critique of my art work. One has to develop a very thick skin or a good sense of humor. You never know what people are going to say! And then I just say, Thank you, I’ll consider that. (and I can, for 2 seconds or 2 weeks!) My artist husband is the most brutally honest artists I know. but being more art educated, always correct. He never quietly introduces his critique, always leaves me with my jaw dropped, heart broken, and mind confused, and speechless!! Thank goodness he leaves me speechless because it gives me time to unconfuse my mind (and unscruch my face) to figure out just what is his point! Sometimes I use his idea and sometimes I use his idea in another painting. (Been married 40 years.)

    For you Tom, God’s word never comes back Void. Keep using it in your answers to people’s questions or hurts or query’s. Refer them to the word. Study with them. The word is a two edged sword and remind people of this. Chistians aren’t Christians because choosing to be makes this life easy. Becoming a Christian makes this living in this “world” difficult. But we have peace in this “life” our “life” in our souls no matter what anyone should SAY to us. We find peace with God certainly not with other humans. Not even our loved ones. (giggle)

    • Thank you, I’ll consider that. (big grin) 😀 Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I appreciate your comments. With people I am familiar with, I usually have a pretty good idea whether they are wanting an unvarnished answer or not. I always want that from people even when I don’t like what they say. Someone once told me to take critique of my work like chewing gum . . . You chew on it a while to get the good flavor, then you spit out the tasteless part. For me, it has been good advice. 🙂

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