Winter Storms

The temperature drops
     and the wind starts to blow.
And off of the lake
     comes a wave of fresh snow.
Across the warm waters
     the arctic wind sweeps.
And it picks up some moisture
     that it never will keep.

The air becomes full,
     moisture turns to snow.
As it develops
     it needs somewhere to go.
The wind crosses land,
     clouds reach their full load.
Then all of this snow
     starts to fill up the road.

The process continues
     by day and by night.
While the wind blows,
     no end is in sight.
I say, “Enough!”
     “You can stop it right now!”
But that does no good
     so I go out to plow.

The sidewalks are clear
     but I know it won’t last.
I have to keep at it
     until this storm is past.
So I work for a while,
     then by my window I sit.
To warm up my body
     so it doesn’t just quit.

That’s the way life is,
     it has been for me.
I enjoy the warm waters
     and the calm, peaceful sea.
But there have been seasons
     when the harsh winds did blow.
And turned those calm waters
     into cold, dreary snow.

I tackle the mess
     that the storm creates.
But I never forget
     that I need to take breaks!
I must not wear out,
     so with God I do sit.
When I’m tired of “shoveling”
     and want to just quit.

When the effects of the storms
     that enter my life.
Become deep and cold,
     cutting like a knife.
I look to the One
     who has cleared a path.
And I know He will keep me
     from the coming storm’s wrath.

As much as I did wish
     these life storms would leave.
I know that they help me
     learn how to believe.
God gives me the tools
     to weather the storm.
And surrounds me with friends
     who help keep me warm.

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

I came in from clearing snow from the sidewalks today and as I spent time in the warm office praying and watching the snow continue to fall, God put this poem in my mind. I pray that it is an encouragement to you as you weather whatever storms of life that come your way.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler

5 thoughts on “Winter Storms

      • When I was in high school in Orlando we saw a few flurries in the air one time, but they did not make it to the ground. A few years ago my daughter had a dusting of snow in her yard in Ocala, FL; so, it does happen in central Florida, but yes, rarely.

  1. Coldest day yet up here in the northern country, although we’re not getting that much snow. Sometimes, it just too cold to snow. Its too cold for my 3 cats to sit in the window and they are opting for warmer places in the house. As I sat quietly reading your poem, my unmoving body, must have seemed inviting to Mike the cat and he crawled up across my arms that reached the keyboard and fell asleep there. The weatherman on the TV just said, “the winds are howling out there, and are set to pick up,” Windchills are 12 below. You’re poem was a great find this morning. Here, we are often shoveling snow as well and getting through the storms, and the storms of life. Thank you for your encouraging words on this wintery day. Much needed. God Bless. Berta

    • Thanks Berta! I am glad that the words God gives me to share are able to encourage others. We’ve been dealing with temperatures hovering around 0 and windchills 25 – 30 below . . . good weather to take breaks from my outside work and sit at my office window spending time with God. 🙂

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