A Real Thanksgiving Blessing

It seems we’ve forgotten
     to pray like we should.
Our prayer life is shallow,
     like knocking on wood.
“Lord, bless me and keep me,
     and give me all things.”
Is our prayer for the season
     and all that it brings.

A life of thanksgiving
     is not up to me.
It depends what I have,
     or can get for free.
The more that I gather,
     the less thankful am I.
For I realize there’s still stuff
     that I want to buy!

I turn on the TV
     and find I am right.
I deserve all things
     that are in my sight!
If only I had this,
     or some more of that.
I could be quite happy
     and content as a cat.

This isn’t helpful
     so I turn the tube off.
I open my Bible,
     the dust makes me cough.
I read about blessings
     to those who do give.
To help out the needy
     is the right way to live.

To practice contentment
     in all circumstance.
Helps me to give thanks
     that’s more than just chance.
On mountains quite high,
     or valleys so low.
I’m thankful for God
     as with Him I go.

He never leaves me,
     nor forsakes His own.
In all situations
     His love has been shown.
As I learn to trust Him
     with all I go through.
He makes me a blessing
     to people like you!

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

I’ve had several glimpses of poems running through the fog of my mind the past few weeks and this is one that seemed to gel together and come out. I’m not real sure if it is all one poem or if it is pieces of several of the thoughts that are trapped in my mind. 🙂 Anyhow, I pray that it is a blessing to someone and that God uses it to accomplish the purpose He designed it for.

In prayer,