An Unplanned Journey

I’m on a journey
     That I did not plan.
I don’t understand it,
     I don’t think I can.
My mind’s in a fog
     Most of the time.
So it’s a surprise
     That I’m finding this rhyme.

It should have been
     A day like the rest.
Where I go to work
     And give it my best.
But something was different,
     My office a mess.
(More so than usual,
     Something’s wrong was my guess.)

Someone had been here
     And they helped themselves.
To whatever they wanted
     From my desk and my shelves.
My computer was gone
     With the work I had done.
To redo it all
     Will not be much fun.

As I sat there that day,
     My mind started to fade.
As the stress settled in,
     I was very afraid.
Of what, I don’t know
     But the fear sure did last.
And into the darkness
     My mind descended fast.

I have to try harder
     To shake off this dread.
I kept telling myself
     While I’m lying in bed.
The harder I try
     The more I do fail.
The strong grip of fear
     Has me by the tail.

No strength I can muster
     Gets me through the day.
So I head to the doctor
     And follow his way.
My mind needs to heal
     And needs time to rest.
Before I am able
     To be back to my best.

Where this journey takes me,
     I really don’t know.
My family stands with me
     As through this I go.
My friends are all helpful,
     My wife is the best.
I do what I can
     And they cover the rest.

As much as I want to,
     I can’t do this alone.
In the midst of my darkness,
     God’s still on the throne.
His presence is with me
     On my darkest day.
His light shines down on me
     And shows me the way.

With His light within me,
     The darkness can’t last.
This valley will end
     And will be in my past.
The lessons I learn
     Will be helpful to me.
When others in darkness
     Need hope they can see.

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

I’m working on a sermon today for this coming Sunday and this poem showed up in my mind about this current journey I’m on. It is a hard and difficult journey but I’m trusting God to not only get me through it, but to use it for His glory.

In prayer,

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